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Imperial Russian Lithographic Prints

A Senior Officer and a Private from the Cuirassier Guards Regiment of His Majesty the Emperor, Reign of Nicholas I, 1834 - 1843. Hand-colored lithograph printed in 1861-62, #687 in the series illustrating Russian military uniforms of Crimean War era. This particular piece is a real stand-out in the series not only because of the elite nature of the unit it portrays, but also because of its rather uncommon composition of two widely different ranks in a single frame. Beautiful equestrian image in very good to excellent condition.

Enlisted Cavalryman from the Chevalier Guards Regiment of Her Majesty the Empress, Reign of Nicholas I, 1834 - 1843. Hand- colored lithograph printed in 1861-62, #692 in the series illustrating contemporary Russian military uniforms. Beautiful image in very good condition.

Drummer in full dress parade uniform, Life Guard Dragoon Regiment. Hand colored lithograph printed in 1861-62, part of the series illustrating contemporary Russian military uniforms. Beautiful image in very fine to excellent condition.

Cavalry officer in winter uniform, Cuirassier Regiment of the Military Order of St. George from the 1854-1855 period. Large hand- colored lithograph printed soon after the Crimean War, in very fine condition.

"The Enemy is Fearsome but God is Merciful", a lubok- style propaganda poster of the Russo-Japanese War, 1904. Printed in Moscow in the early period of the war, when expectations of an easy Russian victory ran high. The image as well as the bigoted poem at the bottom ridicule the diminutive Asian foe that recklessly dared to challenge the Russian giant. A scarce and interesting piece in good condition.

1914 Illustration of Cossack Hero Kuzma Firsovich Kryuchkov,winning the first St George Cross awarded in World War I. A dramatic stone lithograph image printed in Grodno.

Early WW1 Poster titled "Hero Soldier", summer 1914. Uncommon black-and-white lithograph depicts a heroic Russian hussar who at severe risk to his life rescued a wounded officer abandoned on the battlefield. The solider, Private David Vyzhimok, became one of the fist recipients of St. George Cross during the Great War. In excellent condition.

"A Dashing Skirmish of Our Cossacks with German Cavalry" . Heroic Cossacks dramatically battle Germans to the death in a colorful January 1915 print.

"War of Russia against the Germans. Heroic Feat of the Sotnik Botkin". Unwilling to surrender, a heroic Russian officer goes down fighting, killing every German he can! Lithographic print by the Krylov Trading House, Moscow.

"A Skirmish near Przemyśl", October 1914 lithograph. This poster depicts an initial stage of the second battle for the Austro-Hungarian fortress of Przemyśl which was to become the Eastern Front equivalent of Verdun. The artwork is clearly influenced by the Russian traditional "Lubok" style. Medium size poster in good condition.

"Russia's War against Germany and Austria". Early poster of fierce WW1 Russian cavalry charging panicked Germans who flee for their lives - all while a train explodes in the distance! A dramatic lithograph and war time poster.

"The Capture of Lwow by the Russian Troops", stone lithograph, August 1914. Uncommon early war poster in very good to excellent condition.

"The Destruction of the Austrian Army at Lwow", August 1914 lithograph by the Sytin Publishing House, Moscow. Very colorful and detailed artwork shows Russian cavalry charging into a retreating Austrian infantry column. Nicely make marked and dated. In very good to excellent condition.

"Defeat of the German Troops at Gumbinen", 1914 lithograph by Sytin workshop depicting Cossacks decimating a German cavalry unit. Very good to excellent condition with fresh colors; minor discoloration in the upper margin and couple of tiny tears on bottom edge. A very attractive artwork of cavalry vs. cavalry action is from the era when such engagements were becoming increasingly rare!

"The Battle near Gorodok". Heroic Cossacks chase Austro-Hungarians from the field in Galicia. A dramatic 1914 lithograph in excellent condition. An interesting detail: with some imagination, one can even see Austrian emperor Franz Joseph and Archduke Karl in the crowd of retreating enemy soldiers!

"General Battle with Austrians in Galicia. A Skirmish at Podgaitzev", 1914 lithograph. As the Austrian army flees, we see nice "Russian" details: a regimental flag, officers waving swords, plus a "hornist" blowing a properly drawn army bugle.

"An Innocent Victim at the Hands of 'Cultured' Butchers". A dead Red Cross nurse lies on the floor while a German corporal pauses for lunch and a beer; a famous "atrocity-image" from World War One.

"The Battle at Ivangorod". Lithographic poster depicting a surreal, dream-like battle scene in bright, almost 1960s colors, shows brave Russians defeating the Germans in hand to hand combat! In very good condition.

"German Atrocities", 1914. Filled will multiple horrors, a Russian "atrocity-image" chronicles Germans brutalizing and killing innocent civilians on the Eastern Front. In good overall condition.

"Great European War. An Episode of the Battle at Warsaw", circa October 1914. Siberian soldiers slay Germans cowering by an armored car; only airplanes appeared less frequently than these metal monsters in Russian wartime prints! An extremely unusual and dramatic lithograph in Lubok style. Very good condition.

"The Capture of a German Supply Train by Cossacks", 1914. Cowardly German infantrymen unsuccessfully try to surrender to the mounted Cossacks boldly plowing into their ranks and giving them no quarter! A medium size lithograph in good condition.

"Russo-Austrian War of 1914. The Battle Near Yaslo" ,September 1914. Picture of a Russian victory shows bewildered, cartoonish Austrians fleeing Cossack lances and Russian bayonets! A very early WW1 lithograph in remarkably good condition.

"Russia's War against Germany and Austria. On the Austrian Front", 1914. Austrian troops drown and face death and destruction from Russian artillery fire on the Bug River. Medium size lithograph in fair to good condition.

Portraits of His Majesty King of Montenegro Nikola I [Mirkov Petrović-Njego] and Crown Prince Danilo [Aleksandar Petrović-Njego]. A fine 1914 Father/Son pair of stone lithograph images. Printed in Moscow by the firm of Sytin.

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