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Copies of Soviet Badges

ODVF Badge "Ultimatum", 1923, quality REPRODUCTION. Featuring an airplane and a fist with star, the pin was given for donations to build Soviet air force. The donation drive was as a part of the propaganda campaign in response to the British 1923 note to the Soviet government (so-called "Curzon Ultimatum").

Marksman Award Badge (as issued by the Vystrel Officer Schools from late 1920s - mid-1930s), Top Quality REPRODUCTION in silver-plated brass and "hot baked" enamels.

For Excellent Tank Weapon Shooting, REPRODUCTION. Very well made .

Excellent Sniper badge, REPRODUCTION. Very precise copy in "aged" brass and enamels, with correct screw plate and replica "NKPS" screw plate.

Excellent Submariner badge, REPRODUCTION.

Excellent Torpedo Artificer badge, REPRODUCTION. Very well made copy with authentic looking "patina".

Excellent Mine Layer badge, REPRODUCTION High quality, very realistic including brass patina.

Excellence in Railway Troops badge, REPRODUCTION.

Excellent Reconnaissance Scout badge, REPRODUCTION.

Excellence in Signal Corps badge, REPRODUCTION.

Excellent Pontoon Bridge Builder badge, quality REPRODUCTION.

Excellence in Antiaircraft Gunnery badge, REPRODUCTION.

Excellence in Road Construction badge, REPRODUCTION.

Excellent Fire Fighter badge, REPRODUCTION.

Excellent in the Air Force badge, REPRODUCTION.

Airborne School graduate badge, "1950s type", high-quality REPRODUCTION.

Fuel and Lubricants Supply School graduate badge, "1949", REPRODUCTION.

Cavalry School graduate badge, "1950s type", REPRODUCTION

Military Pilots School graduation badge, REPRODUCTION .

Badge for 70th Anniversary of KGB, REPRODUCTION. Very well-made.

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