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    Russian Imperial ORDERS
    $4,600.00 Group of Five Miniature Breast Stars for Imperial Russian Orders, mounted on a single fob-style chain, late XIX - early XX C. Includes Stars for the Order of St. Andrew the First - Called; Order of St. Vladimir, Military Division (with swords), 1st cl.; Order of St. Alexander Nevsky; Order of St. Anne, 1st cl.; and Order of St. Stanislaus, 1st cl. All five are clearly by the same maker and were undoubtedly commissioned by the same recipient. Judging by the combination of awards, this group was once worn by a Russian general of the highest rank. An exceptionally rare historical item!

    $4,400.00 Order of St. Vladimir, 4th cl. for 25 Years of Service, breast badge in gold, by Albert Keibel, 1899-1903. This relatively early award for 25 years of service is even harder to find than the scarce issues for 35 years. In very fine condition.

    $2,600.00 Order of St. Anne, Civil Division, 2nd cl. neck badge in gold, 43 mm, by Eduard (VD), 1910-1916. In excellent condition. Includes original suspension loop in hallmarked gold and well-worn but very attractive original ribbon.

    $1,790.00 Order of St. Anne, Civil Division, 3rd cl. breast badge in hallmarked gold, by Eduard (VD), 1910-1916. Comes complete with original case of issue, golden suspension loop, ribbon and a spare replacement ribbon. The entire set is in excellent condition.

    $700.00 Complete Full Size Sash of the Order of the St. Stanislaus (as worn with the 1st class insignia of the Order), late XIX C through 1917. In excellent condition.

    $6,700.00 Order of St. Stanislaus, Civil Division, 1st cl. Breast Star for Non-Christians, by Keibel, late 1870s - 1899. A beautiful and very rare piece in outstanding condition.

    $2,995.00 Order of St. Stanislaus, Military Division (with swords), 2nd cl neck badge with original gold loop; by Albert Keibel, 1899- 1903. The swords are added but appear to be of the period. In excellent condition.

    $395.00 Order of St. Stanislaus Rosette for a Neck Badge of the Order (1st or 2nd class), to wear on the breast if a higher decoration is present. A scarce unaltered piece in excellent condition.

    $1,100.00 Order of St. Stanislaus, Civil Division, 3rd cl. breast badge in gold, 1882-1899. A beautiful, relatively early piece made by Albert Keibel's firm for the Kapitul (Chancellery) of Imperial Orders. In excellent condition and includes perfectly preserved original ribbon.

    $190.00 Actual 9 January 1918 Conveyance Document for Russian Order Insignia authorizing bestowal on five French military Officers [four generals and one Commandant (Major)]: a St. Alexander Nevsky with Swords, a White Eagle with Swords, a St. Anne 1st Class with Swords, and a St. Vladimir 4th Class with Swords).

    $265.00 Two exceedingly unusual 1917 Provisional Government Award Documents for Order of St. Anne 2nd Class w/Swords to a French Army officer for bravery on the Western Front.

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