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Imperial Russian Antiques

Moscow-made Silver Gilt Kovsh with exquisite Shaded Cloisonné Enamel, C 1899.

To see a broad selection of Imperial Russian objects fashioned of silver, please visit our "Imperial Russian Silver" section.


Antique Imperial Era St. Petersburg Desk Set Attractive and interesting desk set comprising a calendar holder and two paperweights mounted with sculpted bears.

Fedoskino Summer Troika 8" lacquer plate from the Vishnyakov Workshop, circa 1880s-1890s.

Fedoskino Summer Troika lacquerware "keg" from the Vishnyakov and Sons Workshop, circa early 1880s. Designed for use as a caddy for either tea or tobacco. 3 " in dimeter, 3 5/8" high.

Lacquer tea caddy probably from either the Vishnyakov or the Lukutin workshops in the Fedoskino region. 3 " x 3 1/8" x 5 ". Circa 1900.

Cavalry officer in winter uniform, Cuirassier Regiment of the Military Order of St. George from the 1854-1855 period. Large hand- colored lithograph printed soon after the Crimean War, in very fine condition.

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Russian Orthodox Icon of Mother of God of Smolensk (Смоленская икона Божией Матери), in bronze, circa mid-XIX Century. Measures approx. 4.75" x 3.75", showing wear to the high points but still an impressive piece in good overall condition.

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