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Decorations of Communist Afghanistan

Order of the Saur (April) Revolution, Type 1, #0998, 1978-79. In silver gilt and enamels, a massive and very impressive piece manufactured by the Soviet mint. The extremely rare early version was awarded less than 130 times by the Khalq regime prior to the Soviet takeover of Afghanistan. In outstanding condition.

Order of the Star, 1st class, Type 1, 1980-1987. Extremely rare first version of the order, made prior to the 1987 change to the state emblem. In excellent condition and includes original ribbon.

Order of the Star, 2nd cl., Type 2, 1987-1992. In near mint condition and includes correct ribbon. Order of the Star, 2nd cl., Type 2, 1987-1992.

Order of the Star, 3rd Class, Type 1, 1980-1987. In excellent condition.

Order of the Red Banner, 1980-1992 issue. An unnumbered issue in excellent condition. Most were awarded to high-ranking Afghan and Soviet military officers.

Order of Glory, 1982-1992 issue. In excellent condition and includes scarce original ribbon.

Afghan Medal for Valor, 1980s. In excellent condition and includes scarce regulation ribbon.

Medal for Selflessness (aka "Self-Sufficiency Medal"), 1982- 1992. In excellent condition. Comes with a generic replacement ribbon.

Medal for Faithfulness, 1982-1992. German silver, copper plating. Nice, typically Soviet artwork in high relief.

Medal of the Central Committee of SDJA (Democratic Youth Organization of Afghanistan), circa late 1970s-early 1980s. In excellent condition. A very scarce award, especially in perfect condition and with original suspension included.

Afghan Medal for Literacy, 2nd cl., circa mid-1980s- 1992. In very fine condition.

Bacha Khan Medal, circa 1980s. In very fine to excellent condition. Includes perfectly preserved original ribbon.

Mullah Mushke-Alam Medal, circa late 1980s -1992. In excellent condition.

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