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Soviet Military Citations

Large Honorary Certificate issued in 1928 to former Red Army Deputy Commissar, by Revolutionary Military Council on occasion of the 10th anniversary of the RKKA (Red Army). Hand-signed by Iosif Unshlikht, Deputy People's Commissar for Military and Naval Affairs, Chairman of the Revolutionary Military Council. Good condition.

Hand-Painted Citation to a female employee of Military Topography Dept. of Far Eastern Army, 8 March 1932. VG condition.

Large Citation to a Red Army Veteran, 1932. Very uncommon format in hardcover folder. Good condition.

HUGE hand-made citation from the Naval Forces of the Far East to an actress, 1932-1935. Rare, w. old name of Pacific Fleet. Good condition.

Honorary Certificate issued in 1940 to a professor of Tank Academy, hand-signed by Marshal of the SU Budyonny. Good to VG condition.

Honorary Certificate issued in October 1944 by an NKVD Correctional Labor Camp. Awarded for completing the assignment - laying a part of the main track of the Baikal-Amur Railroad - 82 days ahead of schedule. Unusual and colorful artwork features portraits of Stalin and Lenin and a railway train speeding through the forest.

Citation issued in March 1943 to a civilian for active work in Leningrad Air Defense formations. VG condition.

Honorary Certificate issued in August 1939 to the wife of an NKVD Naval Border Guard officer in Leningrad Region. She was given the certificate and a monetary reward for winning first prize in NKVD sports competition. Nice artwork specifically designed for NKVD: shows NKVD Internal Army trooper guarding the industrial installations and NKVD Border Guard on patrol near a border marker. In very good condition.

Honorary Certificate for providing "cultural services" to frontline troops during the Patriotic War, a huge and incredibly ornate bifold document commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Red Army and Navy. A stunning piece in good to very good condition.

Very Large Commendation Certificate Ten Years of Struggle and Victories issued to a Guardsman of the Red Army on occasion of the 10th anniversary of RKKA, 1928. Good condition.

Citation to a Sergeant for taking part in the destruction of the German armor southwest of Budapest in March 1945 (breaking the last German offensive of the war on Lake Balaton). Uncommon booklet type certificate, in very good condition.

Honorary Certificate to Red Guard & Red Partisan for the title of Honorary OSOAVIAKhIM Activist on occasion of the 15th anniversary of Soviet Power, 1932. Fair condition.

Citation to winner of 1st place in skiing competition of the Leningrad Front, 23 Feb. 1943. VG condition.

Honorable Discharge Certificate to a Soldier w. Soviet Army of Occupation in Germany, 1946. VG to EXC condition.

Group of 6 Honorary Certificates to a Navy Rear Admiral, 1960s - 1978.

Citation to Transcaucasian Military District for 4th place in the 1972 Soviet Armed Forces sports competition. Highly uncommon, bears facsimile signature of Marshal Grechko, Minister of Defense of the USSR. VG condition.

Group of 2 60th Birthday Greetings to AF Marshal Koldunov, 1983. Good to VG condition.

Citation to a Hero of the Soviet Union, NCO, for breaking through the German defense on the western bank of the Narev River north of Warsaw.

Honorary Certificate to a female Leningrad bank employee, likely survivor of the blockade, for excellent work during WW2, 20 Feb. 1945. VG condition.

Unit citation to a Hero of the Soviet Union, anti-tank artillery officer, for an offensive at the west bank of the Oder river and capture of Szczecin, the main city of Pomerania.

Unit Citation to a Captain in a Mountain Combat Engineers Unit for liberation of Bratislava, 1945. VG to EXC condition.

Unit citation to a combat aviator for providing air support in the capture of Berlin, dated 2 May 1945, the day of Berlin's surrender to the Soviets. Vivid graphics showing Soviet IL-4 airplanes raining bombs on a European city. Fair to good condition.

Group of 3 citations to a female WW2 veteran, an army civilian employee, 1969 - 1971. Good condition.

V-Day Greetings to Marshal of the Soviet Union Konev, 1972. From veterans of the 1st Ukrainian Front which Konev commanded in the Battle of Berlin. VG condition.

Certificate for a Banner Awarded by Ukrainian VLKSM to a Military Unit, "to be kept for eternity", 1988. Very rare. Good condition.

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