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Soviet Swords, Daggers & Bayonets

M 1898/30 Mosin-Nagant socket bayonet with retaining mechanism, late 1930s - 1945 issue. Shows an arsenal mark. In unissued condition, retains well over 90% of its original blueing and has only a minor amount of rust on the base of the blade.

Navy Admiral or Officer full dress belt with dagger hangers, circa 1947-1948 issue. Very impressive early piece in gold brocade with black liner. Comes complete with dagger hangers, gilded hardware and belt loops. In very good to excellent condition.

Navy dress belt with dagger hangers for a uniform of a Captain, 1st Class, 1960s- 80s. In gold brocade, of the same quality but narrower than an Admiral's belt, this type was allowed only for Captains 1st cl. (equiv. of Full Colonel in the Army) whereas lower ranking naval officers used belts in softer gold cloth. In excellent condition.

M 1940 Waist Belt with Hangers for Navy Officer Dagger, 1940- 1947. Early, narrower pattern, featuring so-called "kind lions" on the buckles and without the larger round buckle up front. In excellent condition. Fits up to a 42" waist. This rare and desirable WW2 model is a perfect accompaniment for a wartime-dated or a very early post-war Soviet dagger.

M 1947 Waist Belt with Hangers for Navy Officer Dagger, 1947-1955. This early post-war example with "angry lions" can be a superb addition to a late 1940s - early 50s naval dagger. In very good condition.

Naval officer's full dress belt with dagger hangers, adjustable up to a 44" waist, 1970s-1991. Excellent, unissued condition.

M1945 Army General's Belt in gold bullion brocade for wear with the dress uniform, complete with dagger hangers, dated 1947. Extremely well-made and impressive piece, better than the general dress belt of later years. In very good condition. This can be a beautiful addition to a Soviet Army or Air Force dagger or to an M45 General's "Victory Parade" uniform.

Army (Land Forces) or Air Force General's gold bullion brocade belt for wear with the dress uniform, complete set with sword hangers, 1950s. Beautiful piece in outstanding condition.

Army / Air Force officer full dress belt with dagger hangers, dated 1985. Excellent condition. This type of belt was used very sparingly after the 1958 change in uniform regulations and is much less common than the similar naval officer belt.

Cavalry sword harness in leather, dated 1939. Essential for the correct display of a shashka on a manikin.

Leather knot for a general dress sword, circa 1960s-70s. In near mint condition.

Leather Knot for a Shashka or Officer Saber, circa 1930s-50s. Excellent condition.

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