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Soviet Reenactor Insignia, Badges & Buttons

ORIGINAL Artillery private shoulder straps, sew-in, circa 1945. No maker stamp.

M 1943 Artillery Private shoulder straps, QUALITY REPRODUCTION. Factory-made in Russia.

ORIGINAL small silver rank star for junior officer shoulder boards domed variation, with thicker arms of the star. Price for single piece.

M 1935 General officer (brigade commander or above) diamond- shaped rank pips for collar tabs. QUALITY REPRODUCTION in brass and red enamel, with a screw post and authentic looking screw plate showing a "maker's logo." Price per single piece.

M 1935 senior NKVD Border Guard officer rectangular rank pips for collar tabs. QUALITY REPRODUCTION (price for single piece).(PLEASE NOTE, only one piece currently remains in stock. )

Air Force wings and propeller insignia for officer shoulder boards, original Soviet issue. Practically identical to WW2 Air Force emblems (price for single piece).

Original WW 2 era hat badge for an officer visor hat, approx. 32-34 mm width.

Original WW 2 era Soviet officer or private side cap badge.

Original Soviet Army side cap field badge, heavy, painted olive drab.

M 1940 Air Force General hat badge, REPRODUCTION.

Brass button for Army officer or NCO shoulder boards, 1943 through late 1940s. 18mm in diameter.

WW 2 16mm tin button for gimnasterka shirt. Original WW2 manufacture.

WW2 era tin button for gimnasterka shirt, painted olive drab, 15.5 mm.

Button for officer or NCO tunic, 21 mm, ORIGINAL Soviet manufacture, late 1960s - mid 1970s. In excellent condition.

WW2 Type Brass button for gimnasterka shirt, 14 mm, circa mid to late 1940s. Hard to find smaller button in near mint condition. Several in stock.

Brass button for officer or NCO tunic, 23 mm, made in USA.

WW2 Type Brass Tunic button for Army officer or NCO uniform, 21.5 mm, circa mid to late 1940s. Several in stock, in mint unissued condition.

Guard's Badge, 1970s-80s. ORIGINAL Soviet manufacture, very similar to a WW 2, produced by the Moscow Mint.Excellent unissued condition.

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