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Order of the Red Star

Order of the Red Star, Type 2, Var. 2 (early transitional variation without a mint mark and with single-tier screw post base), #1770, circa 1936. This is the more rare of the two "no mint mark" sub-variations and in general, one of the rarest of all Soviet awards : fewer than 165 of these were ever made. Very fine to excellent condition.

Order of the Red Star, Type 4, Var. 1 Sub-var. 1, #12047, circa 1940. Note the exceptionally low serial number: this piece is one of the first 50 "Monetnyi Dvor" Red Stars ever made! In outstanding condition. An exceptional opportunity for the advanced collector.

Order of the Red Star, Type 6, Var. 3, Sub-var. 4 ("MZPP"), #2142033, circa early to mid-1945. A relatively scarce version produced by the Moscow Platinpribor Factory (MZPP). This piece is particularly interesting because it has a factory flaw, a mint mark that is only partly struck. In excellent condition.

Order of the Red Star, Type 7, Var. 2, #3395921, with a document, issued for playing active role in crushing the Hungarian revolution in 1956. The award recipient, deputy commander of a mechanized regiment, led a successful armored attack on an airfield near Budapest as well as the capture of key installations in the town of Mosonmagyaróvár near Austrian border. This scarce award is a vivid reminder of one of the pivotal events of the Cold War. Comes with archival research. Both the award and the document are in near mint condition.

Order of the Red Star, counterfeit manufactured in Germany, #505342, circa 1943. This professionally made copy of the Order of the Red Star was intended specifically for Nazi infiltrators masquerading as Red Army servicemen. A documentary proof of existence of such counterfeits - along with photos - was found in recently declassified NKVD archives. Extremely rare piece.

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