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Soviet Military Equipment, Cold War Era

Soviet Navy Gyrocompass, as used in landing boats and other small craft. Unmarked, probably 1960s vintage. Good condition.

M 1949 Leather Belt with Hangers for Air Force Officer Dagger, dated 1949. This type was manufactured only until 1952, at which point it was replaced by a much cheaper to produce belt in braided brown cotton. This belt is of very early Soviet manufacture, as opposed to some other belts of this type that were made in Soviet-occupied Germany as part of war reparations. Extremely scarce piece in excellent condition, complete with all of its brass hardware.

Soviet Army / Air Force officer full dress belt, circa 1980s. Very large size (Russian Size 3, will fit up to 44" waist but easily adjustable to almost any smaller size.) In near mint condition.

Army / Air Force officer full dress belt, dated 1975. Will fit up to at least 42" waist, but easily adjustable to fit smaller sizes. Excellent condition.

Army / Air Force officer full dress belt with dagger hangers, dated 1982. Unusually large size, will fit up to XXXL (50") waist, adjustable to almost any smaller size. Excellent condition. This type of belt was used very sparingly after the 1958 change in uniform regulations and is much less common than the similar naval officer belt.

Army enlisted man belt in genuine leather, dated 1982. Will fit up to 44" waist, easily adjustable to smaller sizes. This "Deluxe" model was issued to EM and NCOs serving in elite "showcase" units or deployed abroad in Warsaw Pact countries such as East Germany. Far scarcer than the standard issue Soviet EM / NCO belts in cheap ersatz leather. In very good condition.

M 1941 Navy Senior Administrative Officer / Admiral Full Dress Belt in silver with dagger hangers, c. 1947 issue. Extremely interesting transitional piece of superb quality in very good to excellent condition.

M 1940 Waist Belt with Hangers for Navy Officer Dagger, 1940- 1947. Early, narrower pattern, featuring so-called "kind lions" on the buckles and without the larger round buckle up front. In excellent condition. Fits up to a 42" waist. This rare and desirable WW2 model is a perfect accompaniment for a wartime-dated or a very early post-war Soviet dagger.

M 1947 Waist Belt with Hangers for Navy Officer Dagger, 1947-1955. This early post-war example with "angry lions" can be a superb addition to a late 1940s - early 50s naval dagger. In very good condition.

Naval officer's full dress belt with dagger hangers, adjustable up to a 44" waist, 1970s-1991. Excellent, unissued condition.

MVD Internal Army officer full dress belt, c. 1970s-80s. Will fit up to 38" waist (XL) but easily adjustable to almost any smaller size. Excellent condition.

Makarov Pistol Holster in brown leather, complete with Lanyard and Cleaning Rod, dated 1979. Near mint unissued condition. .

Makarov Pistol Holster, dated 1976. Excellent unissued condition. Note the relatively early date of manufacture.

Army NCO map case, dated 1958. Early Cold War model in rubberized canvas with leather trim. In excellent condition; includes original shoulder strap.

Soviet Army aluminum canteen painted olive drab, dated 1953. Same pattern as WW2. Good condition.

Soviet Army Mess Kit, circa 1980s. Comes complete with the lid and handle. In good condition with most of the original paint intact, but may require some cleaning. Great for WW2 Red Army reenactment.

Plasch-Palatka Rain Cape / Tent Sheet for enlisted man, dated 1985. Excellent unissued condition.

Wool gloves as used by Soviet servicemen in the field during WW2. In unissued condition, with manufacturer's tag attached.

Military Fanfare Trumpet with Trumpet Banner, Maker Marked, c. 1960s. VG to excellent condition.

Enlisted Man's / NCO's dress aiguillette for parades and honor guard details. Circa 1970s-1980s. New old stock in excellent unissued condition.

Shoulder Sling for Mosin-Nagant Rifle, in olive drab canvas, dated 1953. Unissued early Cold War Soviet surplus in superb condition, shows storage age only.

SVD Dragunov sniper rifle canvas cover, dated 1980. About 46" lengthwise, 54" folded. Unused, in outstanding condition.

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