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Soviet Sports Club Badges

Krasnoye Znamya ("Red Banner") Sports Club Membership Badge, circa late 1930s - late 1940s. A nicely made miniature in excellent condition. Created in 1938, this DSO sports club belonged to the trade union of workers of the Cotton Textile Industry. The club was dissolved in 1957.

Stroitel ("Builder") Sports Club Membership Badge, circa late 1940s. Excellent condition. DSO Stroitel was created in 1936 and later combined several trade union sports clubs of industrial construction workers. The club was dissolved in 1957.

Lokomotiv Sports Club of Railroad Employees, Membership Badge, circa late 1940s - 1950s. Beautifully detailed piece showing a steam engine locomotive, in excellent condition.

Membership Badge of the Marksmanship Sports Club of the MVD Dinamo Sports Society, circa 1980s.

Sports Club of Moscow Energy Institute (MEI), Membership Badge, circa early to mid-1930s. Very well-made piece in excellent condition.

Nauka ("Science") Sports Club Membership Badge, screw back miniature version, circa late 1940s - early 1950s. Organized in 1936, this DSO ("Volunteer Sports Society") was the sports club of the trade union of scientists and employees of higher education. It was absorbed by the DSO Burevestnik during the reorganization of Soviet sprots movement in 1957. Excellent condition.

Nauka ("Science") Sports Club, Honorary Badge, 1949. Nauka was the DSO ("Volunteer Sports Society") of the trade union of scientists and employees of higher education. Excellent condition.

Badge of a Winner of Regional Championship, Bureverstnik ("Petrel") Sports Club of College Students, Faculty, and Retail Trade, circa 1950s - early 60s. Excellent condition.

Table Medal Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the Dinamo (Sports Club of the Soviet Law Enforcement). Features bas-relief of Felix Dzerzhinsky. A limited edition medal in Bronze struck at the Leningrad Mint in 1983. Very fine to excellent condition.

Sport Societies of the USSR, 1917 - 1941, D.Nikitov, V. Kudryashov, B. Goldman. C. 2005, Moscow. Russian text. Soft cover, 76 pp, over 350 color photographs of badges and ID cards. Excellent guide book.

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