Soviets in Afghanistan

Order for Service to the Homeland in the Soviet Armed Forces, 3rd cl., #80445, awarded in May 1987 to a navigator of an AN- 12 transport airplane for exemplary service in Afghanistan. He took part in combat operations in many areas including Khost, Herat, Kunduz and Kandahar. On at least one occasion, he saved his crew and machine by detecting a rocket fired at his airplane upon takeoff and directing the evasive countermeasures. The order is in near mint condition. Comes with a photocopy of the award record card and award recommendation.

Medal for Valor (aka Medal for Bravery), Type 2 Var. 3 (unnumbered Cold War version), late 1940s through early 1990s. Unlike the Combat Service Medal, Valor Medal was never issued simply for length of service. During the 80s, quite a few of them were awarded for service in Afghanistan. In near mint condition and includes original suspension in brass.

Afghan Medal "From the Grateful Afghan People". Issued to all Soviet troops who served in Afghanistan. In excellent condition.

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Honorary Badge "To a Warrior - Internationalist", Moscow Mint version, 1980s. Excellent, near mint condition.

Honorary Badge "To a Warrior - Internationalist", 1980s issue by the Leningrad Mint. Excellent, near mint condition.

Unissued award certificate for the Warrior Internationalist badge, printed in 1988. Comes complete with large red folder with gold lettering on the front cover. Shows facsimile signature of Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev.

Afghan Medal for Valor, 1980s. In excellent condition and includes scarce regulation ribbon. This medal was awarded for bravery to both Afghan and Soviet troops.

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Combined Arms Specialist Badge (for officers), 2nd cl., 1960s- 80s.

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Army Proficiency Badge (for enlisted men), 3rd cl., 1980s.

M 1982 "Afganka" two-piece combat uniform, 1980s. Includes Extra Small size (US size 36) jacket and pants. In mint unissued condition.

GRU Spetsnaz Winter Uniform, dated 1977 / 76. Includes heavy tunic in olive drab with additional separate button-in padded liner and tsygeika lamb fur collar, plus matching pair of pants, also with detachable liner. Size 52-5 (Medium / Large). This is a rare, very early issue of the winter uniform which was later modified to become a well known Afghanka. Both the jacket and pants are in superb unissued condition, with manufacturer's tags.

KGB Border Guard / Spetsnaz Camouflage Winter Uniform, dated 1987. Includes heavy tunic in "Computer" camouflage pattern with additional separate button-in padded liner, plus matching pair of pants with suspenders, also with detachable liner. Well above the usual quality standards of most Soviet Uniforms. Medium size, Russian 50-4. Scarce matching set in mint unissued condition.

Army field cap in olive drab cotton material, dated 1988. This model was widely used by Soviet servicemen in Afghanistan. Size 55 (US 6 7/8, Small). In mint unissued condition.

Airborne Spetznaz soft helmet, winter type, dated 1988. Excellent unissued condition, size 58.

ShZ-78 Air Force ribbed leather, WINTER model with fur liner, dated 1980. Size 57. A superb Afghan War era example.

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ShL-78 Air Force ribbed leather helmet, summer version, dated 1982. Size 59 (about US size 7 3/8). A scarce Afghan War era example in superb condition.

Chicom AK-47 chest pouch, so-called "Lifchiki" (bra) used by both sides in Afghanistan. Dated 1983. In unissued condition.

Communist Afghanistan Army officer hat badge for a full dress visor hat, larger 60 mm version, 1980-87. Early model featuring a book of Koran. In very fine to excellent condition.

M 1941 Red Army field badge for a side cap, heavy, painted olive drab.

SVD Dragunov sniper rifle canvas cover, dated 1971. About 46" lengthwise, 54" folded. Unissued.