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Military School Badges & Medals

First Leningrad Artillery School graduate badge, 1946-1950. A very attractive and scarce badge in very fine condition.

Voroshilov Highest Military Academy of General Staff, graduate badge, Type 1, 1950-1954. This graduate school was above all other Soviet military education establishments; among its alumni were most of the famous generals and marshals. In excellent condition and includes Type 1 screw plate.

Voroshilov Highest Military Academy of General Staff, graduate badge, Type 2, 1954-1957. This graduate school was above all other Soviet military education establishments; among its alumni were most of the famous generals and marshals. In excellent condition.

Leningrad Order of the Red Banner Air Force Engineers Academy (LKVVIA), graduate badge, Type 1, 1950-1954. In excellent condition.

Military Signals Academy (VAS) graduate badge, Type 2, 1954- 1957. A scarce badge in outstanding condition. The VAS academy was created only in 1952, and therefore the badge with this abbreviation was issued only to current grads - unlike many other Soviet academies which in the early 1950s back-issued the graduation badge to all of those who had graduated earlier, before the graduation "diamonds" came into existence. A very scarce badge of one of the relatively low profile, smaller Soviet military academies. The badge is in superb condition.

Military Academy for the Rear and Supply (VATS) graduate badge, Type 1, 1954 issue. A scarce piece in excellent condition. Although the plaque with this version of the school's name appeared on badges from 1954 - 56, the Type 1 badges could be issued only to a single graduation class, in 1954.

Military Academy graduate badge, 1960s -80s. Official mint version in excellent condition.

Military Academy graduation badge, circa 1957-60. Early issue in silver which was produced for only a few years prior to the much more common Neusilber version. Excellent condition.

Document for Military Law Academy graduation badge, back-issued in 1954 to a Justice Lieutenant who graduated the school in 1942. The certificate is in very good condition.

School of Air Force Mechanics graduation badge, 1938-41. A superb example with silver finish intact. Includes scarce original screw plate.

Naval Air Force School graduate, 1944 type. In very fine to excellent condition, unusually well-preserved for a Soviet naval pilot's wings of WW2 era.

Intermediate Level Military Academy graduate badge, 1961 type, circa 1970s - early 80s. In near mint condition.

Intermediate Level Military Academy (Vysshee Voennoe Uchilische), 1982 type, early to late 1980s. Mint marked official issue in excellent condition.

Infantry School graduate badge, 1953. Brass, enamels. Excellent condition.

Artillery School graduate badge, 1954-58 issue. In outstanding, excellent condition.

Air Force Technical School graduate badge, 1954-58 issue. In very fine condition.

Military School graduate badge, circa 1960s. Early issue in excellent condition. This "unified type" badge was introduced in 1957.

Military School graduate badge, 1970s-80s. Late maker-marked version in excellent condition. "Unified type" introduced in 1957 and issued until the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Document for the "Normal" Military School graduate badge, 1951 issue. Hand-signed by a Major General.

Yeisk Highest Air Force Pilots Academy (EVVAUL), veteran's badge, 1988 issue. Attractive piece in brass. In excellent condition.

Thirtieth Anniversary of the Zhdanov Naval Political Academy (VMPU), commemorative badge, circa 1960s. In very fine to excellent condition.

Badge Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Popov Naval School of Radio Electronics, 1983. In gilded brass and high quality enamels, extremely well made. Shows Leningrad mint mark.

50th Anniversary of Vystrel ["Shot"] Classes (training program for higher officers)

50th Anniversary of the Ulyanovsk Higher Signal Corps Command School, 1970s-80s.

60th Anniversary of the Kolomna Higher Artillery Command School, 1978.

60th Anniversary of the Leningrad Higher Artillery Command School, circa 1970s.

30th Anniversary of the Chernigov Higher Military Pilots School, commemorative badge, 1981.

Badge in Commemoration of the 170th Anniversary of the Kirov Higher Military Medical Academy (VMA), 1968. Relatively scarce badge awarded to faculty and staff to commemorate the anniversary and also the school being awarded with an Order of the Red Banner. In excellent condition.

Document for Military Academy graduation badge, issued in 1957 to a graduate of Kharkov Highest Air Force Engineering Academy. In good condition.

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