Heroes of the Soviet Union

Complete and Original 1941 Heroes of the Air War over Leningrad portrait portfolio.

Contemporary lithographic portrait of pilot Hero of the Soviet Union. Nice.

Lithograph portrait Fighter ace Trofim Litvinenko, Hero of the Soviet Union. He shot down 23 enemy airplanes on the Leningrad Front, circa 1944.

"Heroes of the Soviet Union", V. Vorbyov and N. Efimov, 2010, St. Petersburg, Russian text, 638pp, oversized laminated hardcover with 35pp of color and B/W illustrations. Invaluable research aid filled with serial numbers and other information never previously available!

"Heroes of the Soviet Union" massive 2-volume set, Russian Text, Moscow, 1987. This out-of-print official publication is the ultimate guide to the Heroes of the Soviet Union! Includes capsule biographies of every Hero Star recipient, portraits and a brief description of the feat for which the Title of Hero was given.

"Heroes of the Blazing Years", Volume 7, C. 1984, Moscow. Hard-bound, 686 pages, Russian text. The book contains biographies of nearly 100 Heroes of the Soviet Union who were born in Moscow or Moscow Region. This scarce out of print publication can be an excellent supplement to the standard two-volume catalog "Heroes of the Soviet Union".

"For Courage and Valor", I. Gorobets et al, C. 1984, Russian-language hard cover, 455 pp. The book contains biographical essays about 180 Heroes of the Soviet Union who were born in Poltava or Poltava Region, accompanied by their photos. Includes convenient alphabetical index at the end. This scarce out-of-print reference is a great supplement to the standard reference guide on Heroes of the Soviet Union or information that can be found online.