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Medal for the Defense of Stalingrad, Variation 1, 1940s issue. In very fine condition, an attractive example showing a lot of character while being free of significant flaws. Includes original WW2 suspension with old ribbon.

Medal for the Defense of Stalingrad, Var. 2 ("Voenkomat" post-war issue), in excellent condition.

Award Document for Defense of Stalingrad Medal, June 1944 issue to a 24-year-old female medical nurse. Hand-signed by Tank Corps General, Commander of the Armored Troops of the 3rd Ukrainian Front. The recipient was also awarded with a Medal for Combat Service for selflessly helping wounded soldiers during the Battle of Budapest. VG condition.

Certificate for a Defense of Stalingrad Medal, March 1945. Hand-signed by an Armored Corps Major General, commander of the Poltava Tank School. The recipient fought at Stalingrad as an infantry private of the 65th Army during the defensive phase of the battle. The document is in good condition.

Temporary Duplicate Award Document for a Defense of Stalingrad Medal, Aug. 1943 issue to a Sergeant of the 40th Guards Tank Regiment. Extremely rare early certificate in good condition.

Order of the Patriotic War 1st cl., Type 1, Var. 2 (w. stick-pin), #5221, April 1943 issue to a AAA squadron commander for shooting down 6 and damaging 2 German airplanes, most of them during the Battle of Stalingrad. His task was mainly protecting the railways bringing vital supplies to Stalingrad from the north. VF to EXC condition, very rare for this version of the order. Comes with archival research.

Order of the Red Star, Type 4 Var. 3, #67423, Nov. 1942 issue to a corporal, a 120-mm mortar crew commander of the 21st Army, Stalingrad Front. With his crew, he killed a large number of enemy soldiers and greatly helped the advance of his unit in the first days of the Soviet counteroffensive at Stalingrad (Operation Uran ). He had also been awarded with a Medal for Combat Service in the first weeks of the Battle of Stalingrad (both of his decorations are among the earliest awarded for that battle.) The order is in Fine condition and comes with archival research.

Medal for Combat Service, Type 1 Var. 3, #234594, awarded in January 1943 to a 19- year-old Recon Scout of the 189th Tank Regiment, Don Front, for the Battle of Stalingrad. Later, he got promoted to Guards Sr. Sgt., received two more decorations for bravery, and was put in command of an armored personnel carrier. The medal is in VF condition, a well-preserved attractive example showing a great amount of character. Comes with archival research.

Documented Group of 2 Decorations to a political officer including a Medal for Combat Service Type 1 for the Battle of Stalingrad and a relatively early Order of the Red Star. In November 1942, he served with the famous 5th Tank Army that captured the vital Don River crossing at Kalach thus trapping the German VI Army. Both decorations are in excellent condition. Comes with a copy of the award commendations.

Soviet Information Bureau Daily War Communique, Soviet Stalingrad counteroffensive.

M 1898/30 Mosin-Nagant socket bayonet with retaining mechanism, late 1930s - 1945 issue. Shows an arsenal mark. In unissued condition, retains well over 90% of its original blueing and has only a minor amount of rust on the base of the blade.

Veteran's Badge in Commemoration of the 35th Anniversary of the 8th Air Army, 1977 Issue. In very fine to excellent condition.

Badge of a Veteran of the 289th Ground Attack / Bomber Aviation Division, issued on occasion of the 50th anniversary of the unit in 1992. The division, then under the 8th Air Army, played a prominent role in all phases of the Battle of Stalingrad.

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