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Imperial Russian Badges

Badge to a Defender of Port-Arthur, Officer's Version in Silver, by Eduard, 1914 issue. Awarded to one of the survivors of the heroic 1904 battle of the Russo-Japanese War in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the beginning of the siege. Beautiful historic piece in excellent condition. Comes with original wing nut and washer, both showing hallmarks matching those on the reverse the badge.

Badge with the Cypher of Emperor Nicholas II, believed to be for the Lower Ranks accompanying the Emperor's Suite, circa 1894 - 1917. A truly enigmatic and extremely interesting piece in excellent condition.

Enlisted Man's Badge of the 122nd Tambov Infantry Regiment, by Eduard, 1912-1917 issue. The official badge of this regiment was introduced just two years before WW1 and is therefore very rare. In superb, near mint condition and includes original maker-marked screw plate.

Award Badge to Lower Ranks for Impeccable Service in His Imperial Majesty's Own Composite Infantry (Guards) Regiment, 1907-1917. Beautiful, highly vaulted piece in silvered brass and enamels. Very fine to excellent condition.

Badge of a Physician with Medical Doctor's Degree, by a St. Petersburg maker "LZ", 1897-1899. In hallmarked silver and enamel, a beautiful piece in excellent condition. Comes with original silver wing nut.

Mikhailovskaya Artillery Military Academy graduate badge in hallmarked silver by a St. Petersburg maker, 1908-1917 issue. A very attractive piece in high 3-d profile. Very fine condition; comes with original silver washer and wing nut.

Badge of a Graduate of the Naval Officer Scuba Diving School, by a St. Petersburg maker, 1908-1917. A very intricately designed and complex badge in hallmarked silver. Exceptionally rare piece in superb condition.

Artillery Officer School Graduate Badge, 1909-1917. In brass. The imperial crown has been removed after the fall of the monarchy in 1917, almost certainly by the original owner. The badge is in excellent condition otherwise.

Imperial State University, graduate badge, miniature in brass, 1899-1917. A very attractive piece in fine to very fine condition. The enamel appears practically perfect to the unaided eye; the details are perfect. Includes period wing nut.

St. Petersburg Practical Technical (Technological) Institute of Emperor Nicholas I, graduate badge, late 1890s-1917. Starting from the early 1900s, this badge could also be worn by graduates of Kharkov Technological Institute or Tomsk Technological Institute. Attractive and impressive full-size piece in very fine to excellent condition; includes original washer and wing nut.

Miniature Silver Graduation Badge of the St. Petersburg Practical Technical Institute of Emperor Nicholas I, 1899-1908. An exquisitely well-made and complex piece in very fine condition. Includes original hallmarked wing nut.

Fiftieth Anniversary of the Court Regulations (Procedural Law), 1914 issue. A very attractive piece in gilded bronze. In superb condition and includes scarce original wing nut. Awarded to distinguished law professionals in commemoration of the Alexander II's court reform of 1864.

Romanov Tercentenary Cross for the Clergy, in hallmarked silver and cloisonné enamels. Awarded to Orthodox priests who personally participated in special church ceremonies on 21 February 1913 marking the 300th anniversary of the Romanov Dynasty. A beautiful piece by a Moscow maker, with flawless enamel and in very fine overall condition.

Badge of the Good Samaritans Charitable Society of St. Petersburg, 1902 - 1914. In silver gilt and solid gold, a very attractive badge inscribed with the name of the original owner. In excellent condition.

Badge in Commemoration of Bicentenary of the Subjugation of the Eastern Caucasus, 1909 issue. Bronze version awarded to Enlisted Men and NCOs, in excellent condition.

Rural Court Judge (Volostnoy Sudya) of Kamenets- Podolskiy District, breast badge, 1889 - 1912. In very fine condition. Includes original chains and parts of the suspension bar.

Rural Court Judge (Volostnoy Sudya), breast badge, 1912-1917. In very fine to excellent condition.

Soltys (Village Elder), Identification badge, Polish territories of the Russian Empire, 1904 through 1917.

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