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Soviet Railway Awards

Rudzutak Advanced Training School for the Security Command Personnel of the Roads of Transportation (Railroads), 3rd Graduation Class, #26, 1928 issue. A beautiful, very elaborately designed piece in hallmarked silver and enamels of literally Faberge quality. In excellent condition.
A very small number of these badges were ever issued and only a few are known to exist today. Many of the high level state security / law enforcement officers who had graduated from the Rudzutak School became victims of purges during the 30s. An arrest of the original owner usually led to the badge being confiscated and destroyed. Incidentally, Rudzutak himself was arrested, tortured and executed in 1938 thus making him an "enemy of the people" - and making ownership of the badge bearing his name a very risky proposition!

Badge in Commemoration of the 5th Anniversary of the Stalin Railway Worker's Day, 1940. A very uncommon award for best railroad workers issued early during WW2, just before the German invasion of the Soviet Union. In outstanding condition and includes original maker marked screw plate.

Badge of Honored Railway Employee, Type 2, #22278, with a document, awarded on 2 December 1943 to Deputy Chairman of the Court-Martial of the Kuybyshev Railroad. The badge is in very fine to excellent condition, free of significant flaws. The document is a very uncommon post-war issue in near mint condition. A very interesting badge awarded at the time when Kuybyshev was the Stalin's headquarters and seat of the Soviet government that had evacuated there from besieged Moscow.

Honored Railway Employee, Type 2, #70438, circa early to mid- 1946 issue. Variation featuring sharp counter-relief to the entire reverse. A truly superb example - practically impossible to upgrade condition-wise.

Honored Railway Employee Badge, #99770, circa early to mid- 1950s. Scarce version with serial number stamped in approx. 3 to 4 o'clock segment along the edge. In superb condition, literally impossible to upgrade.

Excellence in Railway Troops badge, "Classic Flat" version by the Pobeda Factory, early to mid-1950s. A superb example, practically impossible to upgrade.

Excellent Railroad Traffic Controller badge, circa early- to mid-1950s. Superb example.

Excellent Railway Rebuilder Badge, circa mid-940s. An early post-war issue in outstanding condition. Comes with original, early-version MPS screw plate.

Excellent Railway Administrator badge, mid 1940s. One of the harder to find badges of the Soviet WW2 railroad proficiency series. In excellent condition.

Railway Conductor's Badge, Southwestern Railroad, #11, MPS (Ministry of Railroad Transportation) issue from the late 1940s through late 1950s. In excellent condition and includes original maker-marked screw plate.

Leningrad Subway pin, circa 1950s-60s

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