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Cast Iron Statuettes & Busts

Large and Massive Cast Iron Bas-Relief Portrait of Stalin, circa 1939-41, probably intended for display on the wall of an office or perhaps on the front of a public building. 9.5" in diameter with raised portions " inch high at their widest. Kamensk, Ural foundry marked piece in outstanding condition.

Bust of Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin) as a High School Student, massive 15" tall piece in cast iron. One of the most uncommon and finest busts of Lenin we have ever handled. Shows Kasli foundry mark and a 1964 date of manufacture. A superb piece.

Massive Standing Statue of Sergei Kirov in Cast Iron, manufactured by KhLM Factory, Moscow in 1960s-70s. Measuring 22" tall and weighing 28 lb, this rare model of a monument to a slain Bolshevik leader can become a unique focus point for the advanced Soviet collection. The huge original monument is still standing in the city of Kaluga near Moscow.

Kusa Cast Iron Sculpture of Competing Horsemen, dated 1976. Large & massive. Stunning realistic details, excellent condition. From original 1870 sculpture by E. Lancere.

Young Footballer (Soccer Player) statuette, Kasli, 1976. This elegant cast iron piece shows "Made in the USSR" mark beside the foundry mark at the bottom, indicating higher quality goods suitable for exporting. Stands 7" tall.

Tennis Player, cast iron figurine by the Kasli Iron Works, dated 1961. An inspired rendition of a female athlete. The tennis racket has been replaced or repaired, but the statuette still looks very impressive. Stands 7" tall.

Maya Plisetskaya, very large cast-iron figurine by the Kasli Iron Works, dated 1984. A lovely portrayal of a Soviet icon, this figurine captures all the grace of the famous ballerina. Excellent condition. Stands 19.5" tall.

Cast Iron Statuette "Ballerina with Flowers", by Kasli. Dated 1985, Maker Marked.

Cast Iron Statuette "Odetta", by Kasli, c. 1970s-80s, Maker Marked.

Elegant Cast Iron Statuette of a Female Figure Skater, by Mytishchi Experimental Factory of Artistic Casting, c. 1970s-80s.

Little Angler, cast-iron statuette by Kasli, 1984 cast from 1955 model by N. Gorelikov. Very scarce piece in outstanding condition.

Little Angler with Fish, cast-iron statuette by Kusa, dated 1980. In excellent condition.

Rare Cast Iron Statuette of a Boy on the Beach, by Kasli, Dated 1982. Rarity rating 2 (out of 3).

She Got Lost (aka Girl with a Wicker Basket), cast iron figurine by the Kasli Iron Works, 1963. Stands 8 3/4" tall. This early work by sculptor Venkova is relatively scarce: rated R2 for rarity in the "Cast Iron Art" catalog by A. Zak.

Schoolgirl with a Kid Goat, cast iron figurine by the SChLZ (Sverdlovsk Iron Works), late 1950s - early 60s. A relatively small but complex piece by a less common manufacturer.

Little Boys with a Book, cast iron figure, circa 1950s. Unmarked, possibly SChLZ manufacture. Measures 4 " in width. A very uncommon piece!

Cast Iron Figurine "Little Hunter", by Kusa. Dated 1976, Maker Marked.

Chicken, cast iron figurine by the Kusa Iron Works, circa 1970s. A hatchling standing next to its broken shell is exuding almost comical confidence. A fine quality figurine by a less common Soviet cast iron maker.

"Dogs Pointing", Large Statuette in Cast Iron by the Kusa Foundry, dated 1970. Based on the work of Pierre-Jules Mene, a XIX C. French sculptor highly acclaimed for his masterful portrayals of animals and hunting scenes. Massive piece measuring over 15" in length.

Large Cast-Iron Serving Tray Singing Birds, by Kasli, dated 1984. In excellent condition.

Cast-Iron Lockbox by Kasli, c. late 1940s-50s. Maker marked, in very good condition.

Cast-Iron Tray for calling cards "the Russian style", by Kusa, c. 1940s-50s. In excellent condition.

Cast-Iron Bowl Dish with Acanthus Motif & Center Medallion, cast from 1820s original, by Kusa, maker marked, dated 1958. In Superb Condition.

"Cast Iron Art, 1920 - 2009", Aleksandr Zak, C 2009, Ekaterinburg. Russian text hardcover with beautiful close up photos of over 300 examples of Soviet decorative cast iron statuettes and busts. Both main manufacturing centers, Kasli and Kusa, are amply represented. Special attention is given to the foundry marks and small distinguishing details of the figurines.

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