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Soviet Porcelain Figurines

Set of 2 porcelain matching girl figurines, one by Korosten, the other unmarked, 1985.

Girl in Russian Folk Attire, porcelain figurine, XII International Youth Festival issue, Druzhkovka Factory, 1985.

Female Voroshilov Marksman ("Ворошиловский Стрелок"), porcelain statuette, Gorodnitsa Porcelain Factory, mid-1920s - 1934. In very good to excellent condition.

Red Army Drummer, Kiev, 1962-1976, Soviet porcelain figurine in exceptionally desirable condition with both drumsticks completely undamaged and virtually 100% of the original gilding intact. Excellent!

Red Army Drummer porcelain figurine, Kiev Experimental Factory, with professionally added 1969 dedication to a high school teacher. Very good condition.

Suvorov Military Academy Cadet Marching Band, Complete Set of Three, Polonskiy (Polonnoe) Artistic Ceramics Factory, c. 1960s.

Little Boy in Father's Big Boots and Budyonovka (cloth helmet with distinctive pointed top and red star), Polonnoe, c. 1973-1991, a delightful porcelain figurine in excellent condition.

Little Boy with a Dog (aka "Young Border Guard"), early 1950s cast, by Lomonosov Porcelain Factory, Leningrad. In outstanding superb condition.

Sadko, one of the most popular characters in Russian folklore, plays his instrument for the Sea Tsar, Kiev Experimental Ceramic Factory, 1976-1991, a dynamically large 12 1/2" Soviet porcelain figurine of the hero standing amongst waves filled with rampant sea life. Excellent condition.

Tatyutka's Mirror, Sysert', 1968-1977. Porcelain figurine of a little girl and her magic mirror from Bazhov's fairytale. Excellent condition.

Peasant Girl Wearing a Kokoshnik Headdress, a Milk Jug by Natalia Danko, Lomonosov Porcelain Factory (Leningrad, LFZ), 1950s. Danko was a particularly important - perhaps the most important - Russian porcelain artist in the first part of the 20th century.

Sewing Girl, Polonnoe, circa 1973-1991, quite big 9" porcelain figurine captures the perfect essence of a young woman intent upon her sewing or embroidery. Excellent condition.

Female Plasterer, porcelain statuette, unmarked but likely by Sysert' Ceramic Goods Factory, circa 1960s.

On the Beach, porcelain figurine by the Leningrad Lomonosov Porcelain Factory (LFZ), 1950s. Nice early example of the "happy childhood" theme, this figurine portrays a toddler boy immersed in studying a shell he just found in the sand. Shows underglaze LFZ maker mark of 1950s model. In excellent condition.

Zima, porcelain figurine is a humorous version of an overly bundled up kid, "ready" for winter fun, Gorodnitsa, circa 1960s. Very Good to excellent condition.

Two Children Dressed for Winter Play, Polonnoe, porcelain figurine, 1973-1996. Excellent condition.

Porcelain Figurine Petya Bachey, Gorodnitsa, 1957-1960. In excellent condition.

"Young Geologist", Polonnoe Factory, 1956-1973, huge 12 " tall porcelain figurine of Soviet schoolboy examining a rock while holding his magnifier at the ready. Excellent condition

Boy on Skis, Polonnoe, 1951-54, porcelain figurine of a typical boy - skiing cross country in the cold weather with his jacket open and his cap unfastened! Excellent condition.

Boy with Sled, Polonnoe, 1956-1973, wintertime porcelain figurine. Excellent condition.

Boy on Rocking Horse, Polonnoe, 1956-1973, delightful porcelain figurine of a youngster at play. Very good condition.

"Harvest", Collective Farmer / Peasant Girl pen and pencil holder, Lomonosov (LFZ), circa 1950s, very uncommon and hard to locate porcelain figurine of a young woman standing on the edge of a wheat field at harvest time. The perfect embodiment of Socialist Realism! Excellent condition.

"Harvest", Collective Farmer / Peasant Girl pencil holder, Tselinograd, c 1962-72; a late, simplified rendition of a famous Lomonosov figurine of a young woman at harvest time. A fine example of Socialist Realism!

Woman Dancer in a Striped Dress, Disney-like porcelain figurine, Gorodnitsa, 1950-1962. Good to very good condition.

Plump-ish Folk Dancer, Gorodnitsa, 1962-1970, a porcelain figurine with a lot of charm. In excellent condition.

Woman Dancer in a Scarlet Dress, delightful porcelain figurine looks like a character from a story by Tolstoy, Korosten, 1955 -1959. Excellent condition.

Ukrainian Dancer, Korosten, 1955-1962, porcelain figurine of a Slavic Ginger Rogers! Very good to excellent condition.

Porcelain Figurine Young Pioneer Skier, Dmitrovo Porcelain, Verbilki, dated 1954, with sculptor's name. In outstanding condition.

Ice Skater, Soviet porcelain figurine, Polonnoe Factory, 1956- 1973. Excellent condition.

Goal Keeper, porcelain figurine of a soccer goalie at work, Polonnoe Factory, 1956-1973. Excellent condition.

Bikini-clad Bathing Beauty, a rather daring Soviet porcelain figurine, Gorodnitsa Porcelain Factory, 1962-1970. Excellent condition.

Porcelain Bear Figurine of Mishka, 1980 Moscow Olympics official mascot.

Porcelain Bear Figurine of Mishka, 1980 Moscow Olympics mascot, very rare, by Prokopyevsk Porcelain Factory, PFZ (ПФЗ), 1979-80. Very good to excellent condition.

Porcelain Bear Figurine of Mishka, 1980 Moscow Olympics official mascot, by Erevan Faience Factory, scarce, 1983-90. Outstanding condition.

Wood Grouse, Konakovo, 1974-1991, massive 11 " porcelain figurine depicts one of the most popular game birds in the Soviet Union. Excellent condition.

Peasant Fisherman, Polonnoe, 1956-1973, porcelain figurine possibly illustrates a folk tale. Excellent condition.

"Loves Me or Loves Me Not?" (Girl Deviating on a Flower), Kiev Experimental Ceramic Factory, 1976-1991. A pretty maiden in traditional dress checking her fortune by a time-tested method known to every Russian or Ukrainian girl. Lovely piece in excellent condition, with vibrant colors and free on noticeable wear. This piece by the Kiev Factory is far less common than another statuette on the same subject by the Polonnoe Porcelain Factory.

Danila the Master Craftsman and His Vase (aka "The Potter"), large composition in porcelain by the Sysert Factory, 1968-1977. This very impressive 8" tall figurine can be a nice display piece in its own right or if desired, serve as a flower vase or possibly even a candlestick. In excellent condition.

Vakula and a Demon, Kiev Experimental Ceramic Factory, 1962-1976, 8" tall porcelain figurine shows one of the most dramatic (and humorous) scenes in Tchaikovsky's comic opera "Vakula the Smith". Excellent condition.

Alexander Pushkin leans dramatically against a St. Petersburg iron railing, from an unknown factory, circa 1940s-1950s, bisque porcelain figurine offers a very good likeness of Russia's foremost poet.

Majestic Porcelain Figurine Marble Great Dane, LFZ, 1950s. In very good to excellent condition.

Porcelain Figurine Great Dane Pup, LFZ, c. 1960s. In excellent condition.

Lion Cub (Lvyonok), an adorable feline figurine by the Leningrad Porcelain Factory (Lomonosov, LFZ), circa 1960s. Excellent condition.

Bulldog, Large Porcelain Figurine by LFZ (ЛФЗ), 1960s. In very good to excellent condition.

Poodle (Pudel), an eye-catching canine figurine from the Leningrad Porcelain Factory (Lomonosov, LFZ), circa 1960s, 6 " height. Excellent condition.

Puppy, adorable porcelain figurine by Konakovo Factory, 1952-59. In very good condition.

Lenin in Grade School, Leningrad Porcelain Factory (LFZ or Lomonosov), 1950s-1960s. Porcelain figurine shows excellent execution and is a very good likeness. Excellent condition.

Lenin's bust in glazed porcelain, circa 1960s-70s. This large, 10" tall piece of very high quality was made by a factory in Socialist Hungary. In outstanding condition.

Bust of Mikhail Kalinin, by the Lomonosovskiy Porcelain Factory in Leningrad (LFZ), circa late 1940s. Very large size, approx. 13" tall likeness of one of the original Bolshivik leaders, a rare survivor of the Stalin's purges and the nominal head of state of the Soviet Union from 1919 to 1946. Original artwork was created by the acclaimed Soviet sculptor Matvei Manizer. An extremely uncommon, high quality piece in very good condition.

See other porcelain statuettes of Soviet leaders in the "Portraits of Soviet Premiers" section of our website.


Nikolai Nekrasov Bust in Bisque Porcelain, Leningrad Porcelain Factory (Lomonosov, LFZ), 1960s.

Sergei Yesenin large 7" bust in glazed Porcelain, by LFZ (Lomonosov Porcelain Factory), c. 1960s, high end quality.

Ode to Joy, Immense Photo Album of Russian & Soviet Porcelain in Yuri Traisman Collection, 2008. In Outstanding Condition

Soviet Porcelain [Volume 1] I. Nasonova & S. Nasonov, 2007, Moscow. Rare, out of print. Russian text. In Near-Mint Condition

Soviet Porcelain [Volume 2] I. Nasonova & S. Nasonov, 2007, Moscow. Rare, out of print. Russian text. In Near-Mint Condition

Porcelain Sculpture, Private Collection, 2008 Edition. Exceptionally Rare, Only 600 Copies in Print! In Like-New Condition.

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