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Soviet Glassware

Elegant Vase in Double-Layered Milk Glass commemorating the VSKhV Agricultural Exhibition in Moscow, c. 1950s. In outstanding condition.

Hand-Painted Flower Vase in Double-Layered Milk Glass, by Dyatkovo Factory, c. 1940s-50s. In excellent condition.

Tall Elegant Hand-Painted Flower Vase in Milk Glass, c. 1950s, by Dyatkovo Crystal Factory. Superb Condition.

Set of 2 Matching Elegant Hand-Painted Flower Vases in Milk Glass, by Dyatkovo Crystal Factory, maker marked, c. 1960s-70s. Outstanding condition.

Tall Slender "Single Stem" Vase in Cut Glass, Hand-blown, c. 1950s-70s.

Tall Elegant "Single Stem" Vase in Clear Cut Glass, Hand-blown, c. 1950s-70s.

Elegant Cut Crystal Bowl on Stem, Early Soviet Era, c. 1920s-50s, in Excellent Condition.

Large Fruit Bowl in Peach Colored "Manganese" Glass, c. 1940s-50s, in Excellent Condition.

Set of 4 Elegant Medium-sized Honey or Jam Dishes in peach-colored "Manganese" glass, c. 1920s-30s, in Excellent Condition.

Large Fruit Bowl in Peach colored caramel glass, c. 1950s-60s. In very good condition.

Vodka or Liqueur Decanter w. Glass Stopper, in Peach Glass, c. 1950s-60s.

Small-sized Dish for Condiments, c. 1950s-60s, in Copper Sulfate Glass, set in Melchior Filigree.

Set of 3 Vintage Cut Lead Crystal Open Salt Cellars, c. 1940s-60s.

Stylish Glass Bottle for Fragrances c. 1930s-60s, with Brushed Glass Stopper and Threaded Metal Cap.

Dyatkovo Crystal, photo album with informative essays on the history of the factory since its foundation in 1790, its artists and its products. Planeta Publishers, Moscow, 1980.

Leningrad Glassware from Private Collection I. Nasonova & S. Nasonov, 2007, Moscow, Russian text; Russian & English captions. Hard cover, small format (6" x 8 " page size) with integral silk bookmark, 127pp, many full color illustrations.

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