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WW2 Soviet Pilots

Certificate for the Marshal Star and the Rank of Supreme Marshal of Air Force, with original case of issue Awarded in 1984 to Aleksandr Koldunov, the eighth highest scoring Soviet fighter ace of WW2, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, and supreme commander of the Soviet Air Defense in the late 70s through late 80s when he became a central figure in two historical debacles: the destruction of Korean Air flight 007 and Mathias Rust's landing in Red Square.

Document for a Capture of Vienna Medal, awarded in February 1946 to a senior lieutenant in a Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment. In excellent condition.

RKKA Air Force Military Pilots School, graduation badge, 1938- 41. This nicely designed and well-made badge features an I-16 fighter in flight. In very fine condition, respectable for a Soviet pilot's badge of early WW2 period.

School of Reconnaissance Pilots and Military Navigators, graduation badge, 1938-1941. Extremely attractive badge in very fine overall condition.

School of Air Force Mechanics graduation badge, 1938-41. A superb example with silver finish intact. Includes scarce original screw plate.

Naval Air Force School graduate, 1944 type. In very fine to excellent condition, unusually well-preserved for a Soviet naval pilot's wings of WW2 era.

Badge of a Red Army Air Force Pilot-Instructor, 1945-1949. Extremely scarce badge in very fine condition.

Soviet Aviator's Leather Flight Mask, dated 1941. A very unusual part of the pilot's kit designed for flying in unheated cockpit in cold weather. In near mint condition.

Sleeve Badge (patch) of Soviet Air Force Flight Command Personnel (officers and NCOs), late 1930s - early 40s.

Air Force private shoulder boards, sewn-on type , 1940s, mint unissued.

Fur trimmed pilot's winter gauntlets, circa 1940s.

Military Photo ID of a bomber navigator, an ethnic Jew. He had extensive Airborne Assault training and flew combat missions with a heavy bomber unit attached to Airborne troops. The ID contains very detailed WW2 service and award record. An extremely interesting and unusual document!

Group of 3 log books of Colonel Dmitriy Petrov, WW2 Naval Air Force fighter pilot.

Official 1944 Bell Aircraft Corporation Technical Data report on the P-63 Kingcobra fighter, as provided to the Research Institute of the Air Force of the Red Army. Shows results of all tests performed by Soviet AF pilots who came to the US. Kingcobras became successful tankbusters for the Soviets. Fascinating document and a rare piece of aviation history.

Highest Officer School of Aerial Combat, certificate of graduation, November 1946. A highly uncommon document in ID booklet format issued to a fighter pilot. Hand-signed by Air Force General, a Hero of the Soviet Union, who commanded the school at the time.

Group of 2 posthumous documents to a fighter pilot Captain Mikhail Dovgan, awarded with an Order of the Red Banner in 1939 for fighting against the Japanese in Mongolia, and killed in a plane crash in 1940, while still on his tour of duty in Mongolia.

Combat Pencil series, #36: "Combat Friendship", poster illustrates the heroic rescue of a crash-landed bomber crew, approximately 24"x16", circa 1942.

Mongolian Propaganda Poster Depicting the feat of the Soviet Fighter Ace Vladimir Kalachyov, a hero of the 1939 Battle of Khalhin Gol. Printed in Mongolia in the late 60s, this poster is a part of the series about military cooperation between the Soviet USSR and People's Republic of Mongolia. An interesting and very uncommon piece in excellent condition.

Major Vasiliy Litvinov, single print from the "1941-1942 Glory to the Heroes of the Patriotic War" portrait series. Large 12" x 18" image.

Contemporary lithographic portrait of pilot Hero of the Soviet Union. Nice.

Lithograph of portrait Fighter ace Trofim Litvinenko, Hero of the Soviet Union. One of the famous circa 1944 "Heroes of Leningrad Front" portrait series.

Lithograph of portrait Fighter ace Pyotr Pokryshev, twice Hero of the Soviet Union. He shot down 23 enemy airplanes Leningrad Front. Part of the "Heroes of Leningrad Front" series, circa 1944.

Pilot Mikhail Gromov, lithographic portrait. One of the very first Heroes of the Soviet Union, he became one of the most highly decorated Soviet pilots, with 5 Orders of Lenin, 4 Orders of Red Banner etc.

"V. P. Chkalov", Moscow, 1984, Planeta Publishing House. "Man. Events. Times" series photo album, Russian text. Valeriy Chkalov was a Soviet aviation icon and source of inspiration for generations of pilots. This scarce Soviet publication details the life of this famous aviator and test pilot. The book is in gently used, near mint condition.

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