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Back in the USSR - Soviet Lifestyle

Sleeve Patch of a Member of the Soviet Union's National Olympic Team, circa 1970s-80s. Beautifully embroidered in bullion and silk. Excellent condition.

Goblet Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the October Revolution, 1927. Lithographed and embossed tin. A vivid example of early Soviet propaganda art. In very good condition, among the best examples we have seen.

Large Lenin Lacquer portrait box from Fedoskino, probably the most famous center for such work in Russia, dated 1960 and signed by the artist. This outstanding, relatively early example of Soviet propaganda art is in superb condition.

Lacquer Box with a view of Moscow Kremlin, by the Fedoskino artist V. P. Rogatov, signed and dated 1968. The image of the Spasskaya clock tower at dawn, a favorite subject of Soviet lacquer artists, is of stunning artistic quality - far above what we normally see on similar boxes. This hand-painted piece of Socialist Realism art is a true gem!

Fedoskino Lacquer Box with The Rooks Are Back, hand-painted miniature of the famous 1871 painting by A. Savrasov, an icon of Russian landscape painting. Stunning artistic quality! In original issue box. Signed & dated, 1982.

Elegant Vase in Milk Glass commemorating the First Spartakiada Games of the Nations of the USSR in Moscow, 1956. Double layered, with attractive artwork vignette of the emblem of the games. In excellent condition.

"Karlsson-on-the-Roof" Porcelain Wall Plate, Korosten Porcelain Factory, circa 1970s - 80s. The image of a popular cartoon character is instantly recognizable to anyone who grew up in the USSR (most don't know however that there is an unexpected twist to the Karlsson story!) In excellent condition.

Porcelain Dessert Plate "Little Boy on a Horse", Baranovka Porcelain Factory, 1973-1980s. A favorite motif of Soviet ceramicists was young children playing Civil War era soldiers.

Porcelain Dessert Plate Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the "Reunification" of Ukraine (Soviet annexation of eastern Poland in 1939), by the Korosten Porcelain Factory, 1949. A very uncommon plate in excellent condition.

Commemorative Wall Plate "Memory of the Crimea", Budy Faience Factory, circa late 1950s. A popular technique (sepia daguerreotype on porcelain or faience) for commemorative souvenirs in the Soviet Union of the mid-1950s to mid-1960s.

Commemorative Wall Plate of the VSKhV Agricultural Exhibition in Moscow, Budy Faience Factory, circa late 1950s. A distinctive decorative item of the Khrushchev era.

The Glider Model Builder (Planeristka), circa 1930s-50s, a faience statuette of a Young Pioneer based on the 1930s design by D. Kovalenko.

"Don't Be Like That!" This poster from 1957 is a pictorial lesson in good manners. The meaning of the artwork may be lost on today's audience, but in the Soviet Union it was considered a moral obligation to yield a seat in public transportation to the elderly, especially women. Measures 17.5" x 22.5". In very good to excellent condition.

Desktop plaque with sculptured profile of Yuri Gagarin, world's first man in space, 1970s - 80s. Marked with the name of the acclaimed Soviet sculptor Sokolov who created the portrait and the logo of the Leningrad Mint. Includes a wire stand to display on a desk as well as a wall mount. In excellent, near mint condition.

Lady's Wind-Up Music Box with Storage Container for Jewelry or Trinkets. Featuring various buildings of the VDNKh Exhibition in Moscow, it plays a sentimental melody of the "Podmoskovnye Vechera" ("Evenings in Moscow Suburbs") every time the lid is lifted - apparently to put the owner in a romantic mood. A great piece of Soviet kitsch!

Folding compact theater binoculars, c. 1970s-80s.

Lady's Compact "Greetings to the Participants of the Festival, Moscow, 1957", stainless steel and silvered copper. The Festival was the Sixth World Youth and Students Festival, one of the most massive propaganda events held in the USSR.

Moscow Kremlin silver gilt woman's compact, Leningrad Jewelry and Watch Factory; hallmark dates to either 1957 or 1967. Enameled plaque on the obverse shows a view of the Kremlin as seen from the Moskva River.

Candy tin from Kazan in the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (within the Russian SFSR), circa 1950s, originally held hard caramel candies called "Monpans'e".

The building of the Ukrainian Supreme Soviet decorates a tin for an unknown product, circa 1960s. Other prominent locations in Kiev decorate the sides of this container.

Svoboda Brand All-Union Agricultural Exhibition Tooth Powder Tin, 1959. Features a view of the main building of the famous VSKhV fairgrounds in Moscow.

Tin from the famous Red October confectionery factory in Moscow, pre-1946. Located just across the Moskva River from the Kremlin, the factory frequently filled the entire area around Red Square with the aroma of chocolate!

All-Union Agricultural Exhibition Keepsake or Souvenir Box, circa mid-1950s. Features a view of the main building of the VSKhV fairgrounds in Moscow (later it became the famous VDNKh). Made of a bakelite type of plastic.

Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy or ВДНХ (VDNKh) Keepsake or Souvenir Box, circa 1959. Features a view of the main building of the VDNKh fairgrounds in Moscow.

Stalin Birthplace Shrine Sewing Box, Tbilisi-made, bone-colored plastic box, circa 1950.

Grandfather Frost (Ded Moroz) holiday souvenir or keepsake box, circa 1950s. Made of a sturdy bakelite type of white plastic.

Photo Album "Our Motherland", 1957. Massive "coffee table" book by the State Geographic Literature Publishing House. Hard-covered, very large 11" x 13.5" format, 312 pp. The text is in four languages: Russian, German, French, and English. This attractive publication was apparently intended for both Soviet citizens and foreign tourists. In very good condition.

Microphone MD-41, manufactured at the Oktava Factory, Tula, 1959.

Elegant Podstakannik Tea Glass Holder in Silver with Gilt and Niello Artwork in Kubachi style, 1970. Shows "875" Silver Hallmark and maker mark of the workshop of the Academy of Arts in Tbilisi, the capital of Soviet Georgia. Beautiful piece in excellent condition.

Space exploration podstakannik celebrate the concept of a Soviet "Cosmos" by showing rockets, stars and planets. Sturdy aluminum construction with original, official Soviet era price of 1 ruble 70 kopecks stamped on the bottom. Circa 1960s.

A set of 2 matching podstakanniki by the Moscow Jewelers Workshop, in Melchior, c. 1950s. Maker's mark stamped on the bottom.

Podstakannik with Art-Nouveau artwork, in silver-plated Melchior, c. 1930s, by Platinopribor factory.

Cast Iron Pressing Iron circa 1920s-1930s made by the "GPK" Factory in the city of Krivoi Rog in the Ukraine. Hinged top opens to allow a housewife or a tailor to insert hot coals. 7 1/8" tall, 4" wide, 7 3/4" long.

Porcelain Ashtray "Soccer", Dulevo Porcelain Factory, dated 1959. This extremely uncommon "Soviet Ambience" item from the period of the "Khrushchev Thaw" appears to be a throwback to much earlier era. In excellent condition.

Harvest, Collective Farmer / Peasant Girl pen and pencil holder, Lomonosov (LFZ), circa 1950s, very uncommon and hard to locate porcelain figurine of a young woman standing on the edge of a wheat field at harvest time. The perfect embodiment of Socialist Realism! Excellent condition.

To see a wide selection of the porcelain figurines once found in homes and offices all over the Soviet Union, please visit the Soviet Porcelain section of our website.


Oval wall plaque with bas-relief portrait of Russia's Greatest Poet, Alexander Pushkin, circa 1960s-70s manufacture. Molded in hard plastic with matte silver finish, this artful rendition in high 3-d profile can be a tasteful, discreet decoration for a study or collector's room. Includes provision to hang on the wall.

Bust of Maxim Gorky, dated 1981, a likeness of the writer as a young man - before the Revolution changed everything and turned him into a major Communist cultural icon.

Sergei Yesenin (1895 - 1925), Large 8" tall bust in Silumin alloy, dated 1980. One of the most famous Russian lyrical poets of the first quarter of the Twentieth Century. Wrote his final poem with his own blood when he committed suicide in a room in Leningrad's Angleterre hotel...

The Girl With an Oar, circa 1930s, one of several statues or statuettes done on a similar theme to exhort Soviet citizens to exercise and be healthy.

Druzhinnik Armband, worn by civilian volunteers who helped the uniformed police with traffic control, circa 1980. In mint unissued condition, with original paper tag of a Soviet factory still attached.

Young Pioneer Membership tie or kerchief (galstuk). Unissued example with a 1990 manufacturer's tag still attached.

Small Soviet Children's Flag featuring the State Emblem and "USSR", circa 1980s.

"Commemorative Badge for a Newborn", Table Medal / Plaque, with original fitted case of issue and factory label, 1988. Intended as a keepsake for an upcoming new citizen of Soviet Ukraine, this piece was made just before the collapse of the USSR and remained unissued.

Award Pennant "For Outstanding Achievements in Labor on the Day of Lenin Communist Subbotnik", circa 1970s-80s. Lenin Subbotnik was a day of the year when Soviet citizens were expected to "voluntarily" work for free and thus build communism. A very uncommon award in excellent condition.

ZAGS (Office for Records of Civic Status) Chain of Office, worn by registrars conducting weddings in the Soviet Union; in light-weight metal with original shipping/storage box, dated 1984. Enameled links and a large hammer and sickle pendant to give a Communist bureaucrat a priestly appearance. In excellent condition.

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