Order of Glory

Order of Glory, 2nd cl., Type 3, #20471, awarded in April 1945 to a Guards Private, reconnaissance scout of the 38th Guards Rifle Division, 2nd Belorussian Front. He received the award for personally killing up to 15 German soldiers and taking 3 POWs in a single skirmish in Poland. Interestingly, this soldier never got promoted despite winning two Orders of Glory. Within two years from his release from the active duty, he was stripped of his decorations, possibly due to a criminal conviction. The Order of Glory is in fine condition and comes with archival research.

Order of Glory, 3rd class, Type 2, Var. 1, #86401, awarded a reconnaissance man of combat engineers battalion, for bravery shown during the July 1944 offensive of the Second Baltic Front that brought the Red Army into Latvia. Hours before the offensive, he made two forays into the no- man's land where he reconnoitered enemy defenses and cut a wide lane in the barbed wire obstacles. The recipient later earned an Order of Glory 2nd cl. (#2922), Order of the Red Star and Medal for Valor - an uncommonly large number of combat decorations for an enlisted man! Comes with archival research.

"Soldier's Glory", Volume 5. I. Roschin. C. 1981, Moscow. Russian text, hard cover, 285 pp. The book contains essays about 70 recipients of the Order of Glory, 1st cl. accompanied by their photos. This scarce out-of-print reference is great supplement to the standard reference guide or information that can be found online.

"Soldier's Glory", Volume 6. I. Roschin. C. 1982, Moscow. Russian text, hard cover, 255 pp.