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Vintage Soviet Literature

To Lenin, January 21, 1924; a unique publication which compiles hundreds of photos, reproductions and descriptions of wreaths, banners, flags, posters, boards etc. laid to Lenin's coffin as he laid in state. A rare find for a true collector!
Massive tome, 519 pp.

Stalin, Collected Works, very rare "signature" edition w. Stalin's autograph and embossed portrait on the cover, 1950. Never used, near-mint condition.

Set of Posters Album of Visual Aids on the History of VKP(b), in a folio, 1949, Stalin's 70th birthday. VG to EXC condition

Stalin's speech at the 1935 First All-Union Conference of Stakhanovite Shock Workers, published in 1936. VG to

On Marxism in Linguistics, by I. Stalin, 1950. Paperback edition of Stalin's article published in the Pravda newspaper, 20 June 1950 issue. EXC condition.

Monument to Stalin in Armenia, 1952 publication, only 5,000 copies printed. Essay, photos, diagrams. VG to EXC condition.

Admiral Nakhimov, Historic Novella by Igor Lukovskiy, Navy Publishing House, 1951, Moscow.

"Soviet Porcelain. The Artistry of the Lomonosov Porcelain Factory, Leningrad", by Alla Lansere, C. 1974, Leningrad, in Russian and English. Printed in DDR, this deluxe, large format "coffee table" catalog of some of the best LFZ works. Single copy in stock, in excellent like new condition.

Constitution of the USSR, 1938 deluxe pocket edition possibly for foreign distribution. VG to EXC condition.

The Short Soviet Encyclopedia in 11 Volumes, Rare 2nd Edition, 1937-1947, analogous to Micropedia Britannica. In good condition.

Decembrists and Siberia, very detailed illustrated history of the December 1825 revolt & its consequences, 1988 edition. VG to excellent condition.

Russian Literature, compulsory reading collection for 9th grade, in 2 volumes, 1949-1950.

World Atlas, 1955 edition, by USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs. Good condition.

First Russian Revolution 1905-1907 50th Anniversary Photo Album, Very Large Format, Luxury Edition, Dated 1955.

Russia's Struggle for Building Its State, 1942 original booklet edition of a historical review covering the very beginning of the political and military struggle resulting in the formation of the state of Russia.

Spies and Saboteurs at Work, a collection of anti-Trotskyite articles, 1937. VG to EXC condition.

Table calendar for 1945, with the owner's ex libris and handwritten notations, published in 1944.

Photo Album "Our Motherland", 1957. Massive "coffee table" book by the State Geographic Literature Publishing House. Hard-covered, very large 11" x 13.5" format, 312 pp. The text is in four languages: Russian, German, French, and English. This attractive publication was apparently intended for both Soviet citizens and foreign tourists. In very good condition.

The Dutch Portrait of the XVII Century, early Soviet booklet, 1926, from the series State Hermitage, the Picture Gallery. VG condition.

Soviet Advertising Poster 1917 - 1932, illustrated guide, text and captions in Russian, English and German. 1972 publication. VG to EXC condition.

Large Photo Album At VSKhV in 1939 (All-Union Agricultural Exhibition), 1940 publication. Russian text. Rare glimpse into the exhibition as it just opened. VG to EXC condition.

Book Winners of Stalin Prize in Architecture, 1941 - 1950, by Ya. Kornfeld, 1953 publication. VG to EXC condition.

Large Photo Album Moscow, Architectural Landmarks of the 1830 - 1910s, Russian & English text, 1977. In excellent condition.

Album of Reproductions of Paintings by Latvian Artist Vilhelms Purvitis, 1989 Edition, with Handwritten Gift Dedication. Latvian, Russian, English and German text.

Housekeeping, illustrated comprehensive guide for Soviet collective farmers, 1957. VG to EXC condition.

Fairy Tales by W. Hauff, Russian Translation, Hardcover, Illustrated 1936 Edition.

Catalog of Soviet Merchant Fleet Ships, Dry Bulk Carriers. A Very Rare 1985 edition, only 1,800 copies ever printed. In excellent condition.

"Vsyo Vyshe..." ("Higher and Higher..."), subtitled "Aviation March of the Air Forces of the RKKA". Text by Pavel German, music by Yuliy Khait. Published jointly by the OGIZ and MUZGIZ Publishing Houses, Moscow, 1933. Constructivist cover design.

"Budyonny", Music by D. Pokrass, Moscow, Russian text, 4pp., 1928. A march for piano music in two hands; contains two versions, one of medium complexity and an easy one for beginners.

"Jubilee March", subtitled "Dedicated to K. Voroshilov", Song and music by famous Russian composer M. M. Ipplitov-Ivanov. Joint publication by OGIZ and MUZGIZ Publishing Houses, Moscow, 11 pp., 1936.

Trans-Baikal song, sheet music with lyrics. 1934 edition. Music by the author of the USSR Anthem.

Stormy Poplars, single song, sheet music with lyrics. 1934 edition. Music by N. Myaskovskiy, a famous Soviet composer.

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