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Decorations of Communist Romania

Order of Labor, 3rd cl., RSR issue, with original fitted case of issue, 1965-1989. In excellent condition.

Order for Sport Merit, 1st cl., 1966 issue with the wreath and center medallion made in solid 14 K Gold. In excellent condition. Very scarce, one of approximately 100 made.

Medal of Soldier's Bravery, 1st cl. in gilded brass and enamels, circa 1960s. One of the early RPR medals, it was established in 1959 and apparently issued fairly sparingly. In excellent condition.

Original Issue Pouch for the 1949 Medal for Liberation from Fascist Yoke. A highly uncommon item in very good condition.

Medal for Military Merit, 1st cl., RSR issue. In excellent condition.

Medal for Military Merit, 1st cl, RPR issue, early 1960s.

Medal for Military Merit, 2nd cl., RPR issue

Medal for Outstanding Service to the State, RSR issue, 1965 - 1989. Awarded to employees of the infamous Romanian Securitate State Security agency. Excellent condition.

Medal for Service to the Socialist Motherland, 1st cl. (in gold), RPR issue, 1960s. In very fine to excellent condition.

Tudor Vladimirescu Medal, 1st cl., 1966-1989. In near mint condition.

Medal for Contribution to the Collectivization of Agriculture, 1962. Very fine to excellent condition.

Medal for 10th Anniversary of the Armed Forces of RPR (Romanian People's Republic), 1953. In excellent condition.

Medal for 20th Anniversary of Liberation from Fascism

Badge of Commercial (Civil Aviation) Pilot for 8000 Flight Hours, 1970s-80s. Near mint condition.

Badge of a Civil Airlines Pilot for Safely Flying 9,000,000 km, circa 1980s. Attractive and well-made piece in near mint condition.

Socialist Competition Winner Badge, 1966, with original fitted case of issue. Excellent condition.

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