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Order of the Red Banner

Large certificate for Honorary Revolutionary Weapon, a sword with the Order of the Red Banner of RSFSR inserted in the handle. One of only 21 Revolutionary Honor Edged Weapons ever issued.

Order of the Red Banner, Type 1 Var. 1, #153, circa 1932-1934 issue. Among the first USSR Orders of the Red Banner and one of only 170 of its variation ever produced. This extremely rare version features "Mirror" reverse with serial number engraved at 10 o'clock position. Superb piece in very fine condition.

Order of the Red Banner, Type 2, Var. 3, Sub-var. 1, #46539, awarded to a reconnaissance scout platoon commander for ambushing a Finnish recon detachment in no man's land in Karelia in April 1944. He personally killed 3 enemy scouts in the skirmish that resulted in total annihilation of the enemy group. The award is a very interesting late issue screw back that was customized to wear on suspension without completely removing the screw post. The obverse is in fine condition, free of enamel repairs. Comes with comprehensive archival research.

Order of the Red Banner, Type 4, Var. 2, Sub-var. 2, #212087, awarded in March 1946 to the Chief of Chemical Service, Air Forces of the Black Sea Fleet. In superb condition, literally impossible to upgrade. Comes with archival research.

Order of the Red Banner, 2nd award, Type 2 Var. 1 screw back with "Mondvor" mint mark, #1180, circa 1941-1942. Very few of these survived to our days, especially in very fine condition such as this piece. Comes with a 2006 McDaniel authentication showing condition rating 7.5 out of 10, very high for an award this rare.

Order of the Red Banner, 2nd award, Type 4 Var. 1, #11097, circa 1944. One of only 500 specimens that had serial numbers engraved in the Orders Storage Room of the Supreme Soviet Award Department. Tremendous research potential. Excellent condition.

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