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Order of the Patriotic War 2nd class, Type 3, #6540243, with a document and original issue box, awarded on 15 August 1989 to Yan Rusnak.

In silver with gold plating and enamels; 46.3 mm tall x 44.3 mm wide. Variation with a circular depression around the screw post. Note the extremely high serial number: this specimen is among the last ever awarded, bestowed long after the original "jubilee" issue of 1985. The order is in excellent, near mint condition, free of noticeable wear.

The order booklet is of the overall format standard for the 1985 issue; however it differs from the typical 1985 booklet in many details. First of all, the cover is of slightly different texture, smoother and more refined than the usual documents. The main internal page has Supreme Soviet citation without the usual reference to the 1985 date of the decree. Instead there is the actual hand-written date of issue near the bottom of the page. The typographically printed citation is also different than the regular Soviet version: it states that the award was issued for taking part in the "joint struggle with the Soviet armed forces against German invaders". The document shows facsimile signature of Mikhail Gorbachev and his official position of Chairman of the Supreme Soviet (unlike the common 1985 issues that had facsimile signature of Secretary of the Presidium.)

Just like the decoration, the document is in near mint condition.

The box is in cardboard, with stamped name of the decoration in blue ink and serial number of the order imprinted in black. The box shows only minor storage wear, still sound and clean.

A very uncommon and interesting set awarded to a foreigner, apparently a Czech national.

Item# 32521

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