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"Vsyo Vyshe" ("Higher and Higher"), subtitled "Aviation March of the Air Forces of the RKKA"; Text by Pavel German, music by Yuliy Khait.
Published jointly by the OGIZ and MUZGIZ Publishing Houses, Moscow, 1933. Constructivist cover design.

10" x 13". Good condition with tattering at the edges, some dust burns and minor stain in the margins - some minor paper loss but none that none adversely affects the readability of the musical notation on the inside.

The music of this Soviet song is immediately recognizable to anyone who has lived in the Soviet Union. What's amazing is that it apparently struck all the right cords not only with generations of Soviet youth but also with the German Nazis: the latter copied it precisely for the "Horst-Wessel-Lied", the official anthem of the Nazi Party. Of course, this fact was never revealed to the Soviet public who continued to enjoy this energizing marching song for decades.

Nice musical testimony to the fact that all socialist systems are essentially the same! A good framer could construct a frame for this that would allow the cover to be displayed in a study or a music room - it would make a nice accent for a Red Air Force themed collection...

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