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Hero City of Leningrad, Table Medal, 1970 issue.

In bronze, 65.0 mm wide. The obverse shows iconic image of Lenin directing the masses from atop of an armored car upon his return to Russia in 1917 shortly before the Bolshevik revolution (courtesy of the German government.) On the reverse is panorama of Leningrad with the cruiser Avrora on the foreground. The inscription near the top is "Leningrad, a Hero City". Also shown near the top are five decorations in the order of precedence bestowed upon the city at various times for outstanding achievements of its citizens: a Gold Hero Star Medal, two Orders of Lenin, Order of October Revolution and Order of the Red Banner of Labor.

The medal was struck at the Leningrad Mint in 1970. The Order of the October Revolution awarded to the city in 1967 was the likely reason for the medal's creation, albeit with a three-year delay. Its artwork by N. A. Sokolov actually dated back to 1963 when a similar table medal was originally issued. The only significant change from the 1963 design was the addition of two extra decorations that had been awarded since then. The 1970 version is actually quite scarce: during that year, the Leningrad Mint struck two versions of it, the 65-mm medal in brass (tombac) and a 53-mm aluminum version. Although the catalog Commemorative [Table] Medal of the Soviet Period, 1919 - 1991 provides only the combined circulation number of 3730 for both issues, one can assume that the larger brass medals amounted to no more than half of the total, a relatively small number by Soviet standards.

Please note, penny in our photo is for size reference.

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