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Propaganda Poster entitled "Example of a Communist" featuring the feat of Commissar Vladimir Kalachyov, a Hero of the Battle of Khalkhin Gol, printed in Mongolia in late 1960s.

Printed on heavy stock paper, measures approx. 20 " wide x 13" tall. The poster depicts a heroic feat of the Soviet pilot Vladimir Kalachyov which took place during the 1939 Battles of Khalkhin Gol (aka Nomonhan Incident). During the famous series of sharp battles - that some historians consider the true beginning of WW2 - Kalachyov served as an I-16 pilot and commissar of his aviation regiment. In the opening phase of the campaign, he took part in as many as nine dogfights and shot down two Japanese airplanes. Despite being wounded, he remained in action and by the end of the Battle of Khalkhin Gol, had a score of six enemy airplanes shot down personally and two with assistance. He thus became one of the first Soviet air aces.

On 29 August 1939, Kalachyov was given the title of Hero of the Soviet Union for his exploits at Khalkhin Gol (his Hero Star had an extremely low serial number, #139). In 1942, Kalachyov took part in the Patriotic War as commander of a fighter regiment. He heroically died in August of that year when he rammed a German airplane while trying to protect his own airfield in Belgorod region.

The poster is in excellent condition. There are only a couple of mild wrinkles at the edges and a single faint discoloration at the right border which may be a manufacturing flaw and is not detractive at any rate. There are no folds, tears or significant stains.

Comes with a copy of the article about Kalachyov in the official catalog Heroes of the Soviet Union (the article contains his photo.) Additional information about him is available from various Internet sources such as

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