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Voroshilov Marksman badge, OSOAVIAKhIM issue, 1st level, smaller version, 1934 - 1941.

Bronze-plated and silver-plated steel, 24.5 x 20.8 mm; weighs 2.8 g without the screw plate, 4.2 with the screw plate.

In outstanding, excellent condition. The enamel is essentially flawless, completely free of the usual chips, flaking or other noticeable wear, has only a couple of microscopic contact marks completely invisible without magnification. Both the red and white enamels display beautiful luster.

The details of the soldier and lettering are essentially perfect, free of the pitting usually observed on this badge. The bronze plating is completely intact on both sides, while the reverse also has a good amount of the silver finish still clearly visible around the screw post. The screw post is full length, approx. 9 mm, and comes with original screw plate maker-marked "PRPK Stamping Factory". All-in-all, this is a truly superb example of the scarce "Miniature" Voroshilov Marksman badge - in our opinion, impossible to upgrade.

/Badges of USSR Defense Societies A. Kalistratov, V. Voronochnko, p. 64, fig. II #27; Avers 8, p. 315, fig. 1542.d (note that the latter book shows incorrect size for this version)/

Please note, penny in our photo is for size reference.

Item# 37794

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