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Order of the Red Star, Type 4, Variation 1 Sub-variation 1, #12047, circa 1940.

Silver, enamel; measures 48.0 mm in height, 49.8 mm in width; weighs 31.8 grams not including the screw plate. This piece is among the earliest Red Stars with "Monetnyi Dvor" mint mark that came after the "Mondvor" type. Features slightly arched mint mark and very characteristic calligraphy of the serial number engraving. Manufactured in 1940 at the Leningrad Mint. The cherry red enamel is of superb quality matching that of the "Mondvor" and "Goznak" issues. Note that the serial number is near the bottom of the entire Type 4 Var. 1 range (from 12000-24000) which means that this specimen is literally one the first 50 "Monetnyi Dvor" Red Stars ever made!

In excellent condition, absolutely outstanding for a Soviet military award of pre-Patriotic War period. The red enamel appears flawless to the naked eye; there are some microscopic contact marks that can be found under 10x magnification, but they are unnoticeable without magnification. The enamel fully retains its trademark translucency, tone and luster. The center medallion is likewise nearly pristine and shows attractive dark patina. The screw post is full length, over 11 mm measured from its base. Comes with a silver screw

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