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Order of the Badge of Honor, Type 3, Variation 1 "flat back", #42517, circa late1944 - early 1945.

Silver gilt, enamels; measures 50.8 mm in height (incl. eyelet) x 34.1 mm wide. This interesting piece is among the earliest Badges of Honor manufactured after the 1943 change in design from screw back to suspension; it is also almost for sure one of the relatively few WW2 issues of this labor award. Features mint mark measuring about 7 mm wide with its two words are struck separately and arched upper line. According to the classification, this is Type 3, Variation 1, Sub-Variation 1 with the currently known serial number range of approximately 32000 through 59500.

Excellent condition, extraordinary for an award of WW2 vintage. The enamel shows magnificent luster and is perfect with the exception of a couple of microscopic contact marks that are not easy to find even with a 10x loupe. The artwork is likewise nearly pristine, with perfect, crisp details and only a few microscopic contact marks invisible to the naked eye.

Comes on original suspension device, a WW2 two-layer model in steel with self-locking pin. The old ribbon shows wear along the edges but is still sound and clean. In our opinion, it adds tremendous amount of character to the decoration, but just in case the new owner prefers a brand- new ribbon, we will include a sufficient length of it at no extra charge. The connecting link appears to be original, and its ends are still joined with solder.

Item# 37158

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