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Hereditary Honor Badge in Commemoration of the 300th Anniversary of the Romanov Dynasty, 1913 issue.

Silver gilt; measures 44.9 mm in height, 35.2 mm in width; weighs 20.9 not including the wing nut. The silver center shield representing the coat of arms of Romanovs with griffon and crown is a separate piece attached by wires to the oval wreath. The reverse of the wreath shows Cyrillic maker mark "КП" ("KP") and Kokoshnik hallmark with a Greek character Alpha, designation of the St. Petersburg assay inspection. There is also a circular Kokoshnik hallmark to the reverse of the crown.

The badge is in fine overall condition. The details of the obverse are beautifully preserved and crisp. Some of the original gilt finish on the wreath is visible in recessed areas on the obverse and on the reverse. The connecting wires are intact and tight. The screw post apparently broke off at some point in time or more likely, was deliberately replaced with a pin for convenience by the original owner of the badge as was customary. A replacement screw post of correct size and appearance was later added to restore the badge to its original condition. The silver wing nut is likewise a replacement matching the style of the original piece.

This badge was officially bestowed upon individuals who had personally expressed their congratulations to His Majesty Emperor and Her Majesty Empress on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the reign of the House of Romanovs. /See Patrikeev and Boinovich, Badges of Russia, Vol. 2, page 341 fig. 14.3/.

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