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Don Cossack Cavalry, Officer Badge, by Heinrich Kann, St Petersburg (Petrograd), 1912-1917.

In gilded and silver-plated brass and enamels, measures 49.5 mm in height, 32.9 mm in width; weighs 27.0 g not including the wing nut and washer; overall weight is 35.5 g. The badge is of superb quality and extremely complex construction: it consists of no less than seven individual elements attached by wires. The oval part with a sky-blue enameled background serves as a base; the silvered wreath, gilded crown with Nicholas II cypher, heraldic emblem of the Don Cossack Host with four flags, St. George bow, enameled St. George ribbon along the bottom edge with the dates "1570-1870", and the badge of the Order of St. George are separate superimposed parts.

Comes with original silver-plated wing nut and original washer with a stamped name "Генрихъ" ("Genrikh"), the trademark of the venerable firm of Heinrich (Genrikh) Kann. The owner had achieved recognition first and foremost as a talented watchmaker, and his skills are evident in the intricate multi-layered design of the Don Cossack badge. He was also the official supplier of badges for the Imperial Guard units stationed in and around St. Petersburg where Kann had not only a workshop, but also his own high-profile store. (As a side note, Kann would be one of only important jewelers and watchmakers to remain in Russia following the revolution and would be instrumental in setting up domestic watch production under the new regime.)

The badge is in outstanding, excellent condition. All of its parts are completely intact and tightly attached. The enamel is flawless, completely free of chips, flaking or scuffs. The gilt and silver plating are essentially pristine. The screw post is over 15 mm long, has not been shortened. The original washer and wingnut are likewise perfect. In short, this magnificent badge is literally as good as they come!

/See Badges of Russia, Vol. 2 by Patrikeev and Boinovich, page 341/.

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