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Large Honor Pennant issued to the Best Entertainment Venue in the city of Zaporozhe in Soviet Ukraine, circa 1960s - mid-1970s.

In heavy burgundy red velvet, with gold fringe and matching rope to hang on the wall. Size 16.5" by 25" (not including the fringe and suspension rope). At the top is sewn-in Lenin's portrait printed on cloth fabric with embroidered outline. Embroidered gold lettering in Ukrainian language on the same side indicates that it was presented "for the best administration of club work".

The hand-embroidered inscription on the reverse reads "Transferable Pennant of the Directorate of Culture of the Executive Committee of the Zaporozhe Regional Soviet (Council) of People's Deputies and the Regional Committee of the Trade Union of Culture". Interestingly, the sixth line from the top once had a different inscription "Workers' Deputies" which was then corrected to "People's Deputies". The threads were carefully removed and the new inscription was embroidered in place of old, but the "shadow" of the original writing is still clearly visible on the velvet. The change in the name occurred in 1977 in accordance with the new Soviet Constitution. Since the pennant was a "transferrable" type - i.e. potentially issued to a different library annually based on past year's performance - the alteration was required to reflect the council's new name. An interesting example of typically Soviet kind of thriftiness, where labor was cheap while expensive materials - such as plush velvet - were in short supply and therefore reused whenever possible rather than thrown out.

The pennant is in excellent condition. Although it was definitely displayed on the wall judging by its rope, it is completely free of stains, soling or noticeable damage of any kind.

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