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Medal for Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905, Dark Bronze issue for non-combatants.

In copper ("dark bronze"); measures 28.1 mm wide; weighs 12.5 g not including the ribbon and connecting links. This version of the medal was struck by the State Mint in St. Petersburg. Features a dot at the end of the motto "May God Resurrect You When Time Comes".

In excellent condition. The raised details are exceptionally well-preserved and crisp, almost pristine. There are only a few tiny dings and contact marks that are nearly unnoticeable, no significant wear of any kind. The raised edge is free of significant knocks or bumps, although it has a couple of tiny abrasions barely visible under a 10x magnification. Very attractive even toning to the copper throughout, no blemishes or oxidation spots.

The medal comes on original 28 mm wide St. George / St. Alexander Nevsky ribbon folded and sewn-in into a traditional five-sided shape, exactly as worn by the original recipient. Although the ribbon shows wear and minimal amount of soiling, it is still sound and has tremendous amount of appeal. The jump ring and connecting link between the medal's eyelet and the ring are of the period and appear to be original as well. The entire ensemble shows tremendous amount of personality! /See Dimitri Romanov, The Orders, Medals and History of Imperial Russia, pp. 240, 241/, also Mikhail Diakov, Medals of the Russian Empire, Part 7, 1894- 1917,p. 260/.

Item# 36554

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