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Medal of Honored Art Worker of Ukrainian SSR, 1967-1988.

Gold-plated brass, lacquer paint; medallion is 27.1 mm tall (incl. eyelet), 24.4 mm wide. Shows late-type circular logo КЮЗ ("KYuZ") of the Kiev Jewelry Factory on the reverse of the suspension (interestingly, the raised logo which a part of the die is upside down, an oversight on the part of the creators of the badge).

In excellent condition. The details and gilt finish on the medallion are perfect. The lacquer on the suspension device shows the typical miniscule contact marks, no chips or other significant wear.

Literally translated as "Honored Advancer of Arts", this honorary title was established in1967. Unlike the titles bestowed upon creative artists - such as Honored Artist or People's Performance Artist - this was an award for achievements in "promoting, popularizing and preserving" culture. Among the recipients were art history researchers, theater managers, prominent art instructors, amateur performance club directors and scores of other professionals, as well as government bureaucrats in charge of cultural events and activities.

Unlike many other honorary titles of Ukrainian SSR, the title of Honored Art Worker was not abolished in 1988 by a decree of the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine and at least in theory, remained in place. The description of the medal however was changed: its new, 1988 version was supposed to be silver-plated rather than gilded. In reality, no silver- plated medals for this particular title were ever observed, so it would be logical to assume that not a single title of Honored Art Worker of Ukrainian SSR was bestowed after 1988. According to the reference guide Honorary Titles of Ukrainian SSR by V.A. Boev (C. 2014, Kiev) the total number of people who received the Title of Honored Art Worker of Ukrainian SSR was no more than 100, which makes the medal one of the rarest in the "honored" series.

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