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Order of the Patriotic War 1st class, Type 2 Variation 2, Duplicate Issue, #283724.

In solid gold (14 K), sterling silver and enamels; measures 46.0 mm in height, 44.3 mm in width; weighs 31.6 g without the screw plate. Features a two-line mint mark. The spokes on the reverse of the golden sunburst are at 2, 6 and 10 o'clock positions. The serial number, instead of being engraved as on regular issues, is stamped in special small font designating a duplicate issue; there is also a stamped Cyrillic character Д ("D") which stands for duplicate below the serial number. This piece is a scarce official replacement award issued at some point in 1970s-80s in exchange for a lost or severely damaged award. Note that unlike majority of other official duplicates, the original serial number has not been removed. This piece is from the unnumbered stock originally set aside at the Mint to be issued as duplicates.

In excellent, near mint condition. The enamel shows magnificent luster and is literally pristine: it has no signs of wear that could be found even a 10x loupe. The details of the golden starburst are perfect; the original factory-applied silver plating on the rifle and sword is beautifully preserved. Even the exposed golden hammer & sickle emblem is completely free of the usual dings or scratches. The screw post is full length, approx. 11 mm long measured from the reverse of the gold starburst. Comes with original screw plate of post-war type.

This is an exceptionally interesting and uncommon piece. To begin with, it was probably a "catch-up award" bestowed for WW2 exploits but delivered to its recipient after the war, possibly in as late as 1950s. It was subsequently lost or damaged; the recipient was apparently able to prove that the loss was not due to negligence and thus received a duplicate award with the same serial number as the original (obtaining such an award was not an easy process and in the end was decided by a special session of the USSR Supreme Soviet - i.e., central legislative government). Although a relatively late issue, it is still a WW2 type in solid gold and silver, not one of the mass issues of 1985 "jubilee" type. This order has a good research potential (we haven't tried to research it and are leaving it up to the new owner.)

Item# 36456

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