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Lev (Leo) Tolstoy, bust in Silumin alloy, by Leonid Torich, circa 1970s- 80s.

Measures approx. 8 " in height; 9 " wide at the bottom. This impressive piece has more details and is larger than a typical Soviet-era bust. The great author is depicted in his late years, dressed in his trademark blouse of a common peasant. He is pensively looking into a distance, apparently gravely concerned about Russia's future, while his hand is touching his magnificent beard. On the back is the name of the creator of the original model for the statuette, highly acclaimed Soviet sculptor Leonid Torich (His full last name is Torich-Trapesnikov, but he was generally known as Torich. Born in St. Petersburg in 1913 on the eve of the World War I and Russian Revolution, he survived the Nazi siege of Leningrad in 1941-44. Torich first became famous as a painter by creating artwork for some of the patriotic propaganda posters printed in the city early during the blockade. Soon after WW2, he became an equally accomplished Socialist Realism sculptor and had his works exhibited in many museums throughout the Soviet Union.)

The bust is in excellent condition. It has occasional mall dings but no dents, pitting or other significant wear. The toning to the silumin is even and attractive, free of blemishes.

The author of timeless classics - War and Peace, Resurrection and Anna Karenina to name a few - Tolstoy was considered a peerless novelist even by some of his great contemporaries such as Dostoevsky and Chekhov. His works are still an essential part of curriculum in schools and liberal arts colleges around the world. His Soviet-era bust can be a meaningful decorative highlight for a library or classroom!

Please note, the last photo is for size reference.

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