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Award Banner for Best Results in Labor issued by the Trade Union of the Tsentrosoyuz (Central Union of Consumer Cooperatives of the USSR), circa 1970s-80s.

In scarlet red silk with gold fringe; measures 54" x 42". The front side has portrait of Lenin s nicely executed in sewn-in pieces of silk with embroidered highlights and borders. At the top is the standard Marxist slogan "Proletarians of All Countries, Unite!" in gold embroidery. The embroidered inscription in the lower part is "Under the Unconquerable Banner of Marxism-Leninism, Forward to Victory of Communism!"

The reverse side shows the embroidered emblem of the Tsentrosoyuz Organization. The writing at the top reads: "The Central Union of Consumer Societies / Central Committee of the Trade Union". The inscription at the bottom is "To a Winner of the All-Union (i.e., all-USSR) Socialist Competition." A very unusual feature of this flag is a filler of some sort, most likely a sheet of plastic, which is sewn in inside between the front and back silk panels - most likely to give the banner extra heft.

The banner is in excellent condition. The background silk is immaculately clean and free of significant scuffs; its color is strong and bright, not faded. The embroidered portrait, emblem and writing are perfect; the fringe is completely intact. There is only minimal amount of wear to the flagpole sleeve, no damage. An extremely interesting and uncommon banner!

Item# 36013

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