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Flag of the Octoberist Organization, circa 1980s.
In red synthetic silk.

The flag shows the organization's membership badge: red star with a portrait of Lenin as a cute puffy little boy (but we all now know what grew out of it). Size 2' by 1 1/2', convenient for little kids to carry around on a pole during goose-stepping parades. Excellent unissued condition.

Oktyabryata (aka the "Grandchildren of Lenin") were the 7 to 9 year old members of the October League, a youth organization designed to start Soviet children on a politically correct path to happiness in the Soviet Union. Membership as an Octoberist was a prerequisite for becoming a Young Pioneer (which included almost all kids from 9 to 14 years old). Being a member of the Young Pioneers was a prerequisite for joining the Komsomol, etc., etc. One of the Komsomol's official functions was supervision and communist indoctrination of Young Pioneers!

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