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Award Banner to a Team of Workers for Winning an All-Union Socialist Competition in Agriculture in 1973.

In Burgundy red velvet with gold fringe; measures approximately 5'7" wide x 4'4" tall. The front features large portrait of Lenin in silk with gold and red embroidery. The citation embroidered in gold below reads "To a Winner of the All-Union Socialist Competition of Workers of Crop Agriculture in 1973".

The embroidered inscription on the reverse specifies the authorities that jointly awarded the banner: Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR and the Central Committee of the Workers and Employees of Agriculture and Procurement.

The banner is in excellent condition. The portrait, embroidery and velvet background are free of soiling or damage of any kind. The flagpole sleeve, although it was clearly used, is perfectly sound and does not show significant wear.

This is a very uncommon flag, a standout among the myriad of similar award banners issued to industrial enterprises, farms or teams of workers throughout the Soviet Union. First of all, unlike the "transferrable" banners issued yearly, this flag was awarded only once for winning a specific contest. Secondly, it was awarded on the all-Union level as opposed to banners issued by various local authorities. What is especially interesting is that unlike vast majority of Soviet banner, the specific year of issue is clearly identified.

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