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Jetton "To the Fighters for Motherland and Freedom, 1917", Variation 3.

In white metal; measures 28.4 mm wide. On the obverse is detailed depiction of St. George slaying the dragon, identical in style to that on St. George Bravery Medals of the Provisional Government period. The reverse shows raised inscription "To the Fighters for Motherland and Freedom" and maker mark "D. Kuchkin Factory, Moscow".

Very fine to excellent condition. There is almost no wear to the highlights, and the raised details are very well preserved and crisp on both sides. No noticeable scratches or significant nicks to the raised edge. There is minor amount of surface pitting which is typical of the period medals and jettons made in white metal.

The exact number of issues and the award procedure are currently unknown, but this jetton is often considered a medal by the Russian collectors, both due to its medal-like appearance and reported instances of soldiers wearing it on a ribbon in period photographs. There is an opinion (as of yet unsubstantiated) that it was issued to new conscripts before in Moscow area before their departure for the front.

Item# 35222

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