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Award Banner to a team of workers for best labor results, circa 1970s.

In bright scarlet velvet, with gold fringe. Large size: measures approximately 68" by 53". The front shows national emblem of the USSR which is partly embroidered and partly sewn-in in silk and cotton fabrics of various colors. The embroidery is of quite nice quality for an award flag of the period, and it generally remains tight although some of the strands have slightly "slacken" with age. The ears of wheat in particular are executed in high tri-dimensional profile and the motto "Proletarians of the World, Unite!" is meticulously spelled out in language of each of the 15 republics of the Soviet Union.

The reverse has similarly well-executed portrait of Lenin in silk of various hues of beige and brown. The embroidered gold writing at the top is "Proletarians of the World, Unite!" (the same Marxist slogan as on the state emblem.) The gold writing at the bottom is "To a Winner of Socialist Competition." Uncharacteristically, there is no reference to the particular industry or enterprise which received or issued this flag. In all likelihood, this was one of the "transferable" banners - i.e. bestowed as an award flag once a year upon the best team of workers in a factory, enterprise or entire branch of industry. At the end of each twelve-month period, the team would have to surrender its award flag if it had not placed first in the year's competition.

The banner is in very good condition. The velvet and embroidery are beautifully preserved; the fringe is intact. There is a bit of normal wear and small tears to bottom of the hoist sleeve, not detractive. There are minor water stains to the Lenin's portrait, but they are not too noticeable and almost appear as "shadow" effect at normal viewing distance.

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