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Badge of a Participant of the Operation Neva, issued in 1984 in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the battle.

In aluminum, paint and lacquer; medallion measures about 43 mm in height (incl. eyelet), 43 mm in width. The inscription reads "To a Participant of the Operation 'Neva'". Nice artwork featuring a Soviet submachine gunner, T-34 tank, naval warship and Shturmovik airplane with the skyline of Leningrad on the background. There is a maker's logo on the reverse of the suspension device.

In excellent condition. Please note: we have a couple of these in stock; if you order, we will send you a badge in the same exact condition and of the same vintage as you see in our photos.

Operation Neva was launched in January 1944 from two separate positons: the hitherto isolated Soviet beachhead around the town of Oranienbaum on the Gulf of Finland west of Leningrad and from the Pulkovo Heights south of the city. On January 14th, two Soviet armies of the Leningrad Front (army group) jumped off and crushed through the lines of the already severely depleted German 18th Army. Over the course of the first five days of the offensive, the confident and well-equipped Soviet troops cleared the coast, linked up the Oranienbaum position with Leningrad, and liberated the town of Ropsha. In the following days, they succeeded in pushing the line some 100 km away from Leningrad and thus ended the nearly three-year long Nazi siege.

/Paul Schmitt, Soviet Second World War Veteran Badges , Page 64 (note that the photo in the book shows this badge with a wrong suspension) /

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