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ODVF Badge "Ultimatum", 1923.

In tin with brass finish; measures 21.5 mm in height (from the top of the fist to the tail of the airplane), 41.0 mm in width, weighs 1.8 g. In excellent condition. The details are perfect. The brass finish is well preserved, shows no significant tarnish. Pin attachment is original to the badge.

Issued by the Soviet ODVF ("Society of Friends of the Air Fleet") Organization, this pin was created in response to the "Curzon Ultimatum" - an official UK government note penned in early May 1923 by Lord Curzon and delivered to the Soviet Commissariat for Foreign Affairs. The note threatened to terminate all trade agreements with Russia if the Soviets do not seize fomenting rebellion in British-controlled parts of Asia as well as harassment of British fishing vessels in international waters near the Soviet Union. In the USSR, the "ultimatum" was met with (faked) indignation and used as a propaganda tool. One of the manifestations of "righteous anger" with the Brits and West in general was collecting funds to build Soviet aviation to repel "military provocation". By the fall of 1923, the donation drive had borne fruit in the form of the squadron of airplanes appropriately named the Ultimatum Squadron. The pin "Ultimatum" was given to those who had donated to build the airplanes.

/"Avers 8", p. 293, fig. 1425/.

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