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Partial Suspension Device in Brass with Three Ribbons for Imperial Russian Decorations and One Ribbon for a Foreign Award, late XIX C - 1917.

The ribbons are in moiré silk. The first three of them are for Russian decorations: two ribbons of the Order of St. Vladimir (which could be worn not only with the 4th class breast badge of the order, but also a variety of medals e.g. Patriotic War of 1812 Centennial Medal) and one ribbon of the Order of St. Andrew the First-Called (most often used with Nicholas II Coronation Medal). The last ribbon appears to be for the Swedish Order of the Sword.

The suspension is in brass. This was originally a seven- place suspension device, but the first two sections are now missing. The pin however is intact and its far end can be conveniently tucked under the surviving joint of the last section of the suspension for storage / display. The suspension has a piece of soft black fabric applied on the back by the original recipient to protect his tunic.

Both the suspension and the ribbons are unquestionable original, of Imperial era. All four ribbons are in outstanding condition.

Item# 33579

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