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NCO Badge of the 17th Nizhniy Novgorod Dragoon Regiment of His Majesty, 1908-1917.

Brass gilt, paint; measures 47.2 mm in height, 45.4 mm in width; weighs 21.3 g without the wing nut and washer. The center medallion with abbreviated name of the regiment is a separate superimposed part. The upper arms features gold cyphers of Emperors Paul I and Nicholas II. This is one of the "more humble" Russian regimental badges that are of course not as lavish as some of the highest quality pieces in gold, silver and enamels. It is however quite well-made, and judging by its intricate construction, definitely belonged to at least an NCO, not an enlisted man.

The badge is in very fine overall condition. The raised letters are nicely preserved and crisp, including those on the exposed center medallion. The red paint in the center is partly worn-out, but a good amount of it is still present. The black paint on the arms has only occasional small chips and flakes, very well-preserved overall. The swords and edges of the cross are free of noticeable dings or bumps, and a good amount of the original gilt finish is clearly visible in recesses of the sword hilts. The reverse is nearly pristine with bright original finish. The wires attaching the medallion are completely intact and tight. The screw post is of full length, well over 20 mm. The badge comes with a washer in zinc-plated steel and a wing nut, both of which are of the period and probably original to the badge.

/See Patrikeev and Boinovich, "Badges of Russia, Vol. 2" , Page 305 Fig. 5.1.17/

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