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Badge with the Cypher of Emperor Nicholas II, believed to be for the Lower Ranks accompanying the Emperor's Suite, circa 1894 - 1917.

In silver-plated brass, 57.1 mm x 41.3 mm; weighs 30.9 g. This massive and extremely well-made features beautifully detailed the wreath, monogram and crown executed in high tri-dimensional profile. Prong attachments may have to do with the specific manner in which the badge was to be attached to a uniform (possibly worn on a sash as opposed to being attached directly to the tunic).

Although we could not find this exact badge in any available literature on the subject, it bears very close resemblance to the badges for Imperial Suite from the previous reigns starting from Alexander I through Alexander III. Moreover, two nearly identical badges were established for the ranking members of Nicholas II Suite in 1909: one with gold crown and cypher for members of the Suite holding the ranks of Major-General or Rear-Admiral; and another, with gold wreath, for the aide-de-camps. Using historical parallels, it seems very likely that the all-silver badge was intended for the lower ranks accompanying the Suite (those below Fligel-Ad'yutant [aide-de-camp] i.e. equivalent of Colonel in the regular army.)

The badge is in excellent condition. The raised details are perfect. The silver plating is nearly pristine showing only very light wear to the high points, almost unnoticeable to the naked eye. One of the attachment prongs is missing but the other three are completely intact. Overall, a very attractive and extremely interesting piece worthy of further research!

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